all around you [fiery chaos]
all around you [fiery chaos] poetrycollection stories

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break my wall, break me.

all around you [fiery chaos]

all around you [fiery chaos]

strong enough— walls built all around you.

and nobody can hear you, neither can you hear anyone. never will they reach you, never will they hear your screaming.

never will you reach the top of your own walls even if you scream on top of your lungs never will your screams ever be heard.

you yourself can't even reach the top. they're even strong enough not to ever be broken.

high enough that nobody could ever reach you could ever reach your heart.

strong enough that nobody could ever break through break through you.

it could be just as enough, but it could be too much or just as much that you can't even feel anything anymore.

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“break my wall, break me.”

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