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shiwanimalla going through constant stages of healing
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by shiwanimalla


Yes you. The one who just had your first heartbreak. And you who is going through yet another heartbreak.

Who was just told that 'he needed some space. Space away from your relationship.'

Who just heard 'things are not working out between us' from him.

Who was told 'this is for the best of us both.'

Who just learnt he had been cheating on you this whole time.

Who just lost your lost one to inevitable.

To all the broken hearts and to all the grieving soul.

Listen to me. And listen close.

You are lost.

You are a broken piece now.

You are arduous.

But that does not mean you wont be found.

It does not imply you cant be mended.

It does not mean you can't be taken care of.

One day some one will arrive who finds you, finds you in deepest darkest alley of memories and bring you back to where you should belong.

Someone will capture your shattered soul and fix it and set it free as if it was never broken.

And there will be someone who will enjoy your challenge and accept it to give you the love that you deserve.

And in the end, no body will ever be lost, no one will ever be left behind.

And this is a promise from one once lost soul to a now lost soul.

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