apathetic [akaashi keiji x reader]
apathetic [akaashi keiji x reader] haikyuu x reader stories

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apathetic [akaashi keiji x reader] [1/10] blind

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apathetic [akaashi keiji x reader]

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“Keiji-kun.” You say, nudging the stoic boy next to you. Akaashi doesn’t look up as he continues to write in his notebook

“Keeeeji-kun” You say again, trying to get his attention.

The both of you were at your house, studying for an upcoming test.

You two had been studying for about 2 hours now, and you were just about done.

“What is it, (Y/n)-san?” He finally answers.

You hold up the item you replaced your pencil with, and he looks at it with a straight face.

The object in your hand?

It’s none other than a pair of those gigantic sunglasses. The type of glasses that people wear in photo booth photos.

“Why do you have those?”

“Why...not?” Akaashi sighs.

“(Y/n)-San, sometimes you’re too much like Bokuto.” He brings up the loud captain of the Fukurodani volleyball team.

“But Bokuto-senpai is a great Senpai!” You argue.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you spent as much time as I do around him.” He says before picking back up his pencil to continue writing.

You nudge his right arm.

“Come On Keiji-kun! Just one picture!”

“No thanks, (Y/n)-san. I know you’re just going to post it on Instagram.”

You sigh and drop the glasses on the ground in defeat.

Akaashi watches silently as you pick up your pencil once more and leaf through a textbook.

He slightly missed all of your talking.

Maybe one picture wouldn't be so bad?

“(Y/n)-san.” He says.

You look up at him with those puppy eyes.Akaashi lets out a sigh and pick up the glasses from the floor.

“Just one picture. But you have to be in it too.”

Your (E/c) eyes immediately light up and you nod quickly.

“Good thing I’ve got another pair!” You quickly rush out of the room and come back in with your own pair of (F/c) colored glasses.

Putting them on, you adjust them and lean against Akaashi who-a bit reluctantly-puts them on.

Grabbing your phone that lies on the table, you tap the camera app and make a peace sign with one of your hands.

Snapping a photo, you give Akaashi a quick kiss.

A little later, when you’re in the bathroom, Akaashi receives a call from the owl-like captain.

“Hey hey hey, Akaashi! I didn’t know you took pictures like that with (Y/n)! Can I get those glasses?”

“Please be more quiet, Bokuto-san. I didn’t even check the picture yet. I’ll do it now.” Akaashi hangs up and opens up his instagram.

The only reason he got it was because you had asked him too. You even created his profile for him.

Going onto your profile, (profile name), he looks at the most recent post.

The picture of you and him has around 67 hearts, all from other volleyball player he knows.

You’ve captioned the picture:

‘Thank you @Akaashi_Beiji <3’

He looks at the picture and smiles to himself. Who thought such a simple picture like that could make you so happy? He reads a couple of comments.

“Ready to continue studying?” You say, walking back into the room. Akaashi nods and put his phone down. Ever since he took that picture with you, you seemed so much happier.

‘Never knew the owl setter would take a picture like that’ commented @kurbro

Oh, Kurbro, if only you knew that when you’re blinded by love, you’re willing to do things you never thought you would do.

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