The Boy I Love
The Boy I Love unrequited love stories

shinzuhikoumi I'm an artist. I create. And I learn.
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I like weird things. Weird may not be good. But it's always different.

The Boy I Love

Contrary to what they think

He's not a bad guy

He's just different

And maybe a li'l shy

He doesn't like talking

But he either doesn't lie

He can be a li'l nonchalant

But he is reliable and polite

He always wears a poker face

I know he likes to hide

He just can't trust people

He is a damn paranoid

Or maybe he hates worrying them

So he fakes a smile

Pretending he's okay

While inside he continues to die

Rarely but he does express

And those times, he cries

He has dreams unfulfilled

He wants to soar high

But sometimes, he holds back

And I don't understand why

He's a mystery to me

But that's what I like

The weird vibe he gives off

He's the shadow to my light

I know he's not mine

But he's definitely my type

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