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shinzuhikoumiI'm an artist. I create. And I learn.
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Because they were two sides of the same coin. Light and Dark.

By: ShinzuHikoumi


Flashes the world too fast by her

And she was left wondering behind

Blur surrounds her esteem

And snickers plagues her conscience

She writhes her wrists wildly

To escape the chains that bind

She finds it difficult to breathe

To survive in a world too blind

Flashes the world too fast by him

And he stays back, he declined

To follow like everyone else

He doesn't stand in the lines

Because he knows what he wants

Resides nowhere but his mind

And she was a figment of his imagination

She was the personification of his shine

A hand on the shoulder

A pat on the head

Explains more than

Mere words said

He was the guy who saw her

As a painting masterpiece

When she was just

Dilute ink stains

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