Encantador Love
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shinzuhikoumiI'm an artist. I create. And I learn.
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This poem is very close to my heart as it is inspired from my personal experience.

Here, the word "enchanted" refers to the song Enchanted by Taylor Swift.

And the word "deeper dive" refers to the line "I'm letting go, a deeper dive" from the song Faded by Alan Walker.

By: ShinzuHikoumi

Encantador Love

Reminiscing days, before I met you

A sketchy soul; hesitant and naive

So little then I knew

Terrified from a deeper dive

Lessons realized that changed my perceptions

You are the genius who taught me those

That humans herald for imperfections

As thorns are there to every rose

Mystified why fate showed me you

Like the lifeless of a land

Enchanted with a gracious dew

Like warmth to a forlorn hand

Reminiscing back, before you met me

A masterpiece soiled in the ground

The passion bled empty

For a love never found

And my heart gets piqued to the broken

To the eyes sore red from crying

To the facade that you feign

To the hope that is dying

As for you, never know what you feel

Wondering you even do care

Obscuring yourself beneath a veil

Even though my soul's shed bare

Perhaps that's the very fault in me

Always expecting a little too much

From a heart locked under a key

The truth guarded from my touch

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