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Striving for you're own life you manage to kill your predator.

(this story is originally publish in my other site, unfortunately I can't seem to open it again, I just want to share it with you guys.)

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I still vividly remember how the moon light up the whole land. The reddish light of it, harmonizing the scene. The roaring wind overwhelming the sounds of thousand voices, the cry of need.

Hollow wail of the starlight, perfectly blending how place is perfectly fit. Tress branches dancing as if they're rejoicing on something.

Combined with the light that reflects from shallow waters beneath. The night of terror, meant to happen.

Freshly cut flesh caught the attention of the folks walking down the park. It was 7:47 in the morning when frightening shriek alert those joggers in the cold misty morning of the town.

The crowd suddenly storm at area. Curious eyes, flashing of the camera, absurd by event happen.

I was taking a bath when I heard it. The place where it located is pretty nearby, though.

I am enjoying my life as it is now; being free from your abusive family is breath taking, well, all of them passed away this month. And then the moment happens.

He's following wherever I go, staring at me at the dark corner of the street, I feel it, and I think it's what you called sixth sense.

There's a sudden moment where I don't mind him, don't care about him. But it creep me out, and also kind a heart fluttering. Its been a year since I notice it.

Sometimes there will be a boxes of gift left on my backyard, so, I wonder about it,'cause most of the time I just left it there to be fetch by those garbage man or someone is getting it.

A blood splatter covered the body. The smell of it, stinks but subdue by those plants surround it.

Hand is trembling, heart pounding so fast, going to madness, the human inside is not the real one. He was mockingly laughing inside. Eyes of the devil soaring. The growing need, is indeed.

Slippery texture of the flesh seems a pleasure. The ruined shirt is tainted with color red. A body that horribly mutilated.

Hands and feet twisted, fingers chopped into pieces, eyes worn out, mouth that been stuffed with thorns, neck smacked with a few deep bites. Bruises around the body seems like a animal done it.

Abdominal part cut open. Intestine has been scooped out and put down the side of his body. Something inside him that seeking for a thing, it isn't the heart 'cause the heart is still intact.

Its 5:39 am, I have to work for my daily expenses, when I feel the same sensation of being followed again. So I went to hide, looking for it. And someone touches me.

Put his rusty smelled hand around my mouth, I cry for help but no one's come up. I was drag down the dark part of the park. Lying down supine, in a grassy floor, my hands and feet tied apart.

I am naked. My consciousness was about to pass out. It was so dim and I can't see a thing. My mouth shriveled, throat soaring covered with a cloth, a silhouette of a big man appeared at my side.

I feel the heavy, rugged breath of him. He touches my legs going up my groin, moaning of pleasure came out from his lungs.

Trembling with fear, my mind running out of thing but begging for him to stop. And I passed out.

I woke up in a grassy floor stinking and stand up, walked through the park. Enjoying how I live my life and at present time 7:47 am washing my body. Freeing from the dirt of the pass.

I still remember those days, those horrible day. I walked pass the scene, something familiar but I can't grasp what it is; maybe if someone make me.

P.S. this story is originally publish on my other site. written by: @ShinYap Thanks a lot for reading.

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