Prism: Self-appreciation
Prism: Self-appreciation self care stories
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shinyap See to Foresee, Breathe to live & wonder
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Second version. Prism: Self-appreciation

Prism: Self-appreciation

Enough with the chain, the frame, and the mask given by society Let go of the self-hate because the norm chains us for centuries.

The frame that expects us to be The mask that we have to put on just to fit in

Don’t let the books read you, the magazine to define you, the “beings” to dictate who I should be. Because from now on I will keep in mind that.

I am the white color that consists of rainbow The shades of all imperfection, the stain of poison I am perfection

The light that can be the deception The description, manipulation Natural to what I have all

The reason I am the perfection The rough edges of the hedges The smoothness of the slick

I am the creation, the temptation. From this day; No one can dictate. No one can Hearsay. No one can invalidate.

I am a masterpiece Unique on my creation, the gem no one had in possession.

The ruler of my own, no one can copy and pretend. The perfect being of whomever I want to be. The captain of the will The prism; collects, reflects, deflects, radiates it all.

Yours: @ShinYap

Have a great day!

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