Healing but Bruising
Healing but Bruising nature stories

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Forever cycle

Healing but Bruising

The beauty of nature surprisingly sparkles.

As the environment heals and refreshes, dazzled.

The air cleared out when the virus starts crawled out.

Noise before now covered by silence, in our ear that deafens by violence.

Here comes the return of birds and trees that start harmonizing.

In the sky, they flew until it turns dark blue.

Swiftly, the time starts, as if nothing happened.

The bruised slowly healed but, here we're stuck in our shell of hell.

In the hell of torment, the event where we're the ones who commit

Howl of our agony can be heard, relish from the torn we spread.

But here we are still trying to succumb to greed and envy.

Mother Nature tries to free us out of this Treachery.

Yours: @ShinYap

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