An ongoing masterpiece
An ongoing masterpiece impromptu stories

shinyap See to Foresee, Breathe to live & wonder
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For whom do you rise everyday?

An ongoing masterpiece

Her who gave birth; now is the ongoing masterpiece.

Together with her half, they adorn piece by piece.

Shelter on the best way they could, the way they would.

Combine with their aspirations, everything that should.

Through the year's they build the most beautiful bud

Years they give everything to make me grow.

Grow into a promising art piece; their creation.

An experience they sculpt, smoothen as its stack.

Even from the eye of the others, I'm not the gold

For them, I am the gem that has never been told.

The art of the master, the creation that will not get old

The story to be told.

In the mud, we've grown; stumbled.

The mud we play with, enjoy the very moment.

High and ups we've been, deep and through the shallow, we followed.

Sometimes we just their and cry on sorrow, furrowed.

Years have gone old, here, I am, the living proof.

The wonder that they created

The gift they have preceded

Living art, who will embrace the probes.

Braveness and greatness they bestowed on my armor.

Armor that I will carry through my years of yonder.

Battled the odds and even in my way now.

I make sure to let them safe in sound and show them around.

If the rhythm go untoned, searing through their ears

I'll be the first one to read the next chapter

Enlighten and give them what I got

Return the love that they granted.

Because of them, I got to feel the greatness

A life they have crafted

Years they crafted, sewn to suit me in.

I feel thankful through the time I'm in and always.

Yours: @ShinYap

Have a great day! Thank you for reading.

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