A Merry Haunting Christmas
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Not your typical Christmas poem/story.

A Merry Haunting Christmas

Oh bless the broken soul I'll sing through the embrace of holy Dawn of the lost, so jolly Seen in a dock, tied, Oh! holy...

Ten miles just walk in Jolly with arms and limbs, that's so funny they're nearly complete waiting for the sunny I worship those who give me

Feeling so weary yet Christmas is coming The clock is ticking by and by, turning twice, here it's coming. The shift has just finished, I am fanning lifting weights is so tiring

Yet, it's not enough to feed the ten tummies. Although minds are also grumbling I still know how it's coming So I need to do more lifting

I think they'll be excited They didn't know whats I've been planning. Ten cakes, roast chestnuts, and toppings for finished Oh how lovely to see their faces smiling

I spend all the pennies never mind what cost it is just to buy them more, for what it is suppose Yey! I am so happy, it's supposed to be funny, no need for me to get torn's.

Its black, foggy, so hazy What is just so funny? I feel so soar, and runny bleeding so badly

I cried for help, roaring throbbing in my heads so ache'y guts are pushing, bloods are rushing what's funny, never been so silly...

Seeing theme right here In a corner, smudging there runny nose crying like a terrified goat dress uniformly, so formal, aren't they

I don't know what to do is it going to help if I cried shout, or crawl in the ground mourn for myself, do I need to be proud?

I am lost in an eternity of lostness vastness cold, purgatory timeless should I smile, now that am free from tiredness? bare there responsibilities?

I will never see my grandchildren grow or guide my wife on how to draw her brow publish my book in the store their smile to glow

Written by: @ShinYap

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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