_The promise of Neverland_

           _The promise
                         of Neverland_
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_The promise of Neverland_

Here lies the delve, spawn from the dawn Where there is no belief and disbelief Nor promise or compromises, death, and relief Dark or the lightness, happy or sad.

The never-ending path goes up, down, forward, and above Stairs float and flown by air coming from nowhere Steps that appear in every imaginary step Walk-in an unknown floating piece.

There they promise but never been promises Dream about the enigma of these unknowns The land of the unknown, twisted, and uplifting Land in their own madness, flood.

Churn and turn into slamming tides Diving into knives, searching the very detailed of prices Whoosh the wind called and the leaves fall Slowly, guided by the puddle of a glistening wall.

Dust followed a glimmer in the hall The bright and binding place from the horizon Encompasses the flickering of its unnerving fall Trickles the time of its turn.

They never get old they say They never get bored, noted They just enjoyed the nothingness on their way Not knowing the lies beneath, across the sound.

But there is no promise that promising Ever did ever they get charge; the thing Things are so fragile and fade along the days Days that will pass on and step one's.

Yet I will never cut the chase That chase is compromising promise I'll change whatever to interchange A chance to tell the tale.

Even the universes fall upon itself So why not try for me Why not write the most melancholic Harmonic, beautiful tale; History.

My own very own story Unique, full of oddity Infuse with my writhed mind Lingering to see the unseen land.

-Don't waste your time for the "promised land"instead, promise to yourself that you'll get to the "Neverland". - Shin Yap

Written by:@ShinYap

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