You Promised
You Promised drinking stories

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If you grew up with someone who had an addiction, like being alcoholic, you might relate to this.

You Promised

How come? How come you said, "I promise?"

How come I believed?

Why did I act surprised when I expected it?

You always said, "I promise."

It's sad, but now "I promise" falls on deaf ears.

I don't believe anymore.

I've grown up.

I'm no longer that innocent child.

The child you tried to fool.

I see through your lies, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.

You're my best friend,

For now, all I can do is help you.

Continue to support you.

Then maybe,

Maybe one day,

You'll let this bird fly away.

Until then, I'll stay by your side,

forgetting how trapped I feel.

That's what love does to you,

and no matter what,

My love for you, mom,

It will never change.

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