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Juno is a small dog, which makes you think she isn't meant for a big world. But Juno is more capable than you might think, and now you'll follow her and her friends on the epic fun. (First Book In The Series)

By: Allegra Neumann

Survive The Wild: Book 1

By Shiny_A_Dragon

Some might say, that I'm a bit small to be part of a gang of dogs, running through the wild. Some say I should just settle down, hide in a hollow, and hunt this that are meant for me to hunt.

They say I should start a family. I have absolutely no intentions to do any of that. I live in the wild, and I intend to breathe the wild, smell the wild, live the wild life.

Absolutely NO hiding in holes.

"Juno!" My head whirled around the sound of my name. I glared at my brother, Duke, who was grinning at me with delight.

'We're on a hunting mission!' I though furiously, but instead I just answered him, "What?!"

"Look at that big stag over there!" He said. I stared at him, dumbfounded.

"...It's just a stag!" I hissed back. "Get in position!" I felt Duke roll his eyes as he turned away, and I scowled.

'Almost everyone does that...!' Juno thought to herself.

Juno was a Beagle, a small dog, and almost the smallest dog in the gang of dogs she was part of.

Duke was actually adopted into her family, when he was still a pup, but at the time he was already the same size as Juno's parents.

Duke was some kind of mix, but he was two times the size of Juno, even though he was younger than her.

I was suddenly distracted out of my thoughts, as I heard multiple light rustles.

The Hunt was on.

I peeked her head over a bush - the only one separating her from their meal. I sucked in my breath, taking in how big the creature was.

Duke was right - it was big! I kept my ears pricked, my paws light on the ground. I was ready to leap over the bush, and charge the stag.

Then there was a loud bellow from the trees, and Louis came rushing out.

Louis was an English Mastiff, and a young one too, but he was the biggest dog in pack by far. His jaws cracked open as he landed on the stag, going in for a killing bite.

But the stag fought back.

Two other dogs shot out of the trees, and Juno was with them, piling on to the stag. Louis (Or Louie) was still on the stag's back, but his grip was slipping.

I ran up to the stag's flailing legs, and leapt onto the side, bouncing on to its head. Warm air blasted out of the stag's nostril, sending strange shivers up my spine, but I kept biting.

I noticed Duke was latched onto the stag's barrel, and Ruby, another dog in our Hunt was nipping at its hindquarters and legs. And slowly, as we all fought, the stag's energy begin to slow.

Finally, it crashed down into the earth, heaving from the fight. I scrambled off its head, standing next to Duke, while Ruby stood on his other side.

The clearing was unnaturally quiet, the only sound being the panting dogs and heavy breaths from the stag. Louie leapt off the stags back, and stood in front of its head.

As the two animals made eye contact, Louie nodded, and the sat. The stags eyes closed, and its breath slowed to a stop. It knew that it had no fight left.

There was a moment of silence, and then Louie opened his eyes again, looking at his Hunting Team.

"Well done!" He barked happily. His gazed centred on Duke. "Help me carry this." Louie said it like a question, but we all knew it was an order. Duke nodded, the turned quickly and licked my ear.

"Ew!" I yelped. He laughed at trotted over to Louie, where they picked up the large creature and dragged it away. I turned to follow them, and felt Ruby by my side.

"That was great!" She yipped.

Ruby was a Vizsla, and technically still a puppy. She was only one-and-a-half, but was already full grown.

She was built more for hunting birds, but her fighting blood was enough to already have her on a Hunting Team for bigger animals.

"I can't wait to do more hunts!" She continued. I wasn't really listening while she chatted the entire time.

I was really thinking either though, just watching my paws, moving ahead of each other, taking me to my home.


"Hm?" I looked up at her.

"I said, isn't it great to live with The Pack?"

"Its not really called 'The Pack'," I said hesitantly.

"Oh, you know what I mean!"

"Sure," I said quickly. I put my head down again, and ran forward. I weird tremor of guilt ran through me, but I couldn't run back now.

I hadn't heard the barking from up ahead I suppose, because very quickly I was walking through the Tall Stones. That was basically the entrance to our 'home'.

The Pack moved a lot, but we always to breaks. We currently were staying in one of my favourite places so far. It was a little clearing, next to a mountain.

The mountain had weird little cliffs hanging off the side of it, so there was natural shelter from wind and rain.

The other sides were protected with big, thick, bushy trees, that no animal would want to push through.

The only easy way into the base, was through the Tall Stones, which is exactly what it sounds like - two very tall, slim boulders on either side of a small path in.

There were cheerful barks coming from up ahead, so I had probably already guessed what was happening.

A few of the pack members were surrounding the stag, barking tons of compliments at Duke and Louie. From what I could see, there was only Louie, Duke, Gracie and Jasper surrounding the stag.

I silently padded up behind Duke, who side-stepped to make room for me.

"You okay?" He stared at me with concerned eyes. He could always tell when something was wrong.

"Yep!" I forced fake cheerfulness into my voice. He surveyed me for a moment longer, then turned back the the rest of his friends.

Juno wasn't usually congratulated much after hunts. Most dogs figured I didn't do much, which was technically true, but I didn't let myself know that.

They all knew that Louie and Duke had done the most on the hunt, but once Ruby joined the circle, even she was licked at nudged in Congradulations.

While the first dogs began to chat, more of The Pack joined the circle. Juno caught, Eva, Champ, Stan, and Chester join in, but there were a few more.

Once the sun was beginning to go down, and most of the clearing was in shade, the dogs began to eat. Everyone joyously ate, but carefully and sparingly as well.

The pups of The Pack didn't come to the feasting, but they were brought food after.

I was sitting by the carcass, picking out the remaining food for the pups, when Piper stalked up.

"Well isn't it the runt!" She sneered. I never knew why she was so rude to me, but I wasn't scared of her. Piper was another Vizsla, older than Ruby.

I was particularly glad they weren't related, otherwise I felt Ruby would've been just like her.

"Oh go away!" I snapped. "Because maybe you can go be useful for once!" Piper stared at me, before she whirled around to march away. That wasn't usually how interactions with Piper went.

But you never know, maybe she'd come back later to harrass me.

I finished my business, picking out scraps, and then headed to the pups den. Currently, we only had two pups - Finnley and Ozzie.

Finnley was a kind Golden doodle pup, but he was getting bigger by the day, and would soon be out of the pup den. Ozzie was a quieter, shier puppy, but very friendly as well.

We actually weren't sure what breed Ozzie was. As I trotted under the cliff overhang, I was greeted by a good friend.


"Hannah!" I yelped. I dropped the food by the entrance, and nuzzled her. Hannah was an Australian Shepard, and looked all cute and fluffy, but she was fierce. That's why I liked her so much.

"You took forever!" She joked. She picked up the meat and turned away to the pups. They were closer to the back of the cave, wrestling.

"Food!" Hannah shouted. The pups stopped in their tracks, their heads turning toward Hannah. Their noses were twitching hilariously, and I fell to the floor, bursting with laughter.

Hannah dropped the food, and turned back to me, smiling.

"They are supposed to work on smelling their food, so they can smell the real hunt later on." She explained.

It sure looks funny!" I said. Hannah nodded.

"Yeah, a little. Let's go outside." Hannah started walking towards the door, and I followed.

Hannah was a very..... commanding dog. Even though she was small, her 'suggestions' sounded like orders.

And even though Hannah and Juno were friends, Hannah still became a little bit feisty when you disobeyed her.

Juno had yet to see Hannah have a spat with Piper, and she wanted to see how it would end.

As if she'd read her mind, Hannah asked, "So, did Piper have a chat with you today?"

"Yep! But I told her to back off, and put her snout in the trash." I laughed. "She actually didn't say anything, so I feel like she's going to be planning revenge."

"Ignore her. She doesn't deserve your time." Hannah insisted. She always said that. I just shook my head, but before I could answer, two of The Packs scouts ran up to us.

I looked around, realizing we were the closest dogs to the Tall Stones.

"Juno!" One panted, while the other one stopped. Hannah brow furrowed, and she quickly snapped, "Arrow, Abby, what's the matter?" The two dogs looked at each other, then back at us.

"It's the..."


"Coming!" They spoke in between each other. I cocked my head, confused on what they said, but when I looked at Hannah, fear and fury was creeping into her expression.

"Back to the pack!" She barked at them. They nodded quickly, then sprinted away.

"Whats happening?!" I asked. Hannah paused looking at me in the eye.

"Humans are coming," She said quietly. I felt the fear dawning in my eyes too now. "Run, tell the pack what happening, get ready.

" She said to me, then she turned, and clambered up to the Tall Stones. She barked twice, then howled long and strong.

Two Barks and a Howl...

That meant danger. It was the signal to prepare to run or hide. I looked around at the clearing, watching all the dogs stare at Hannah, their tails between their legs.

I saw Louie push to the front.

"Whats the problem?" He called.

"Humans!" I answered. His brow furrowed, and then he turned to the rest of the clan.

"Pack little supplies!" He commanded. His voice was loud and unbreaking, but I knew he was scared.

"We have to run..." I said to myself.

And so it was.

We Ran.

Next Book In The Series Is Coming Soon! Excuse The Weird Page Errors - You Know, The Like, Two Words On Each Page. Next Time It'll Be Better! Thanks! -Shiny_A_Dragon

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