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I has noticed the giant floods of hate unleashed on Asians and Chinese people lately.

This is wrong. We are all humans, and we all deserve equal treatment. I hope reading my short story will convince more people. If we quarrel amongst ourselves, the virus wins.

Please don't let it win.


Nobody is a virus.

Its sad to see people accuse others and point the blame so fast. My friends are Asian.

My friends are in the U.S right now.

Because of the recent coronavirus, many people are blaming asians

The humiliation, the injustice... And i just heard an innocent woman had been beaten up because she looked Asian.

I am not scared easily

But i am more than scared right now.

I want safety for my friends. They are equal citizens and deserve to be treated with respect too.

I want safety for everyone. I donated money to stop the virus.

But right now, everything we have done will be turned to waste if we do not cooperate. Remember, this is a test. Either, the world win together, or the world lose together. Lets win.

We should unite and fight this virus together, not jab fingers and quarrel amongst ourselves. That is useless, and a bad waste of precious time. Every second we spent arguing and being racist could be spent on saving lives and preventing the virus from reaching more vulnerable people.

Some may not believe it, but I think China would be a great ally if we are fighting the virus. We need help, we need friends, whether people realize it or not. This is the truth.

You can say that i am wrong, and you can call me names. You can pelt me with insults, but I will always stand for what I believe is right.

I know it is not right to accuse some innocent people of a virus which was not their fault. How many Asian citizens in America right now are living in fear of others being racist to them? Who would like to live in fear? No-one!

The breakout may have started in China, but so? It doesn't prove anything. My friends are all scared still and so afraid of coming outside their homes because of the news of Asians getting beat up. My friends are not viruses, but now it seems like no-one cares. The rule seems like : if you just look Asian, you'r bad.

Please, this is not a time of pointing fingers and taking sides. There should only be two sides! With the virus or against it.

And even if the virus came from China, we should unite to get rid of it... I don't think we need to blame people.

I understand when people say that many died because of this. I know all the hashtags, #ChineseLiedPeopleDied, its purely wrong.

Many people died, even though we hoped not. Many Chinese people died too, and so many brave doctors all over the world perished in the fight to remove corona.

There are many brave doctors in China risking their lives to end this, believe me. i don't lie.

I strongly believe this injustice against China and Chinese citizens needs to be stopped. We are not children, we should know better. Racism only means that someone is mean, not that someone is cool.

The virus is not anyone's fault, it just happened out of nowhere. Now is not a time to blame and hate, now is a time to accept and love.

If we hold excuse over China's head forever, the virus wins.

Please don't let it win.

I want to try to convince everyone to unite, we should cheer for the world to regain its health! We should be acceptive of other countries.

And besides, no-one ever wins by fighting alone.

I once believed I did not need friends.

But now I know for sure i do.

So, when we are fighting the virus. I hope everyone screams "GO WORLD!" We are all humans, and we should all be treated equality.

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