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shinelikestars1shy but ready to try
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we tried, didn't we?


by shinelikestars1

we are done, my love done before we even got to begin

we tried, didn't we?

didn't we spend two long years fighting knee-deep in malice and secrets and doubt losing sight of each other trudging through our very own endless winter was it of our making?

did you glance over and notice my feet begin to drag hear my breath slow as it mingled with the frost-bitten air see the defeat welling up in my eyes I'm sorry I didn't notice you reach for me

we lay here now in the cold wreckage of our chaotic love fingers barely touching the snow itself has frozen solid under us do you remember?

that sweater that came down to my knees and itchy socks and cold noses and the crisp pitter patter of summer rain against the frail tent walls how it sang to us our winter was not winter then

isn't it funny how we thought we were the only people alive?

Does it make you believe we could try again? After all, the world just keeps on spinning and our ride on it is just one in a billion and darling

maybe we spent so long seeing nothing but white we forgot that seasons change

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