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shinelikestars1shy but ready to try
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our palms catch streetlights between each other's


by shinelikestars1

our palms catch passing streetlights between each other's under a blanket of yawning darkness fingertips slide and trace each other in the early morning aftermath

we breathe a strange surrender seatbelt forgotten; the stretch of road we are driving down leads to somewhere foreign and unspoken

thumb grazes lower lip fingers drag through long tangled hair danger sings with the hum of the engine we are cold but something burns warm across these car seats and along the low ceiling

eyes sharp and eyes afraid to look pointer finger running across each on an open hand no one to listen no one to watch but the lust that knocks on the windows and hisses from the air vents

time slows

kisses drawn long and lean like yellow lines painted along the pavement air tightens and pushes us closer as if there is nowhere else for our bodies to be if not pressed against each other

in a small corner of time on a cold weeknight and caution forgotten in the wind our palms catch streetlights in the ocean of darkness

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