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shinelikestars1shy but ready to try
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we're all carrying corpses,< br/>she said to me.


by shinelikestars1

We're all carrying corpses

She said to me.

We are innocent casualties contemplating each other lug our own dead weight along Fingers frail and cold from idly reaching out for each other

That's rather depressing

I whisper back

Maybe. Her breath huffed out stained white

But don't you see them? When they finally get to release their grip on the bodies they were given They float like helium

Don't you mean balloons filled with helium?

No Lighter than even that As if the rubber of the balloon was the weight that they could finally let go of The rubber that trapped them and stole away their air

Why? Who put us here?

You have to get used to being some sort of experiment here and now This is the ultimate test

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