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"Why does every story have to be about moving on and getting over?
What about us; those who're still stuck in the middle trying to figure out how to take two steps ahead without falling back four."

Upcoming Boy

"he's not done yet he's an upcoming boy."

"The sky is..." He took a deep breath, ".. empty."

"Ohhh.." His companion said with the bottle yet dangling in his hands

"How something so empty and hollow can ever be beautiful?"

"It's a mirror--a gigantic one; reflecting everything and dispersing what it gets from the air. It's not even there--"

The groans that came from the other boy stopped him midway.

"You--" the other boy pointed an accusing finger at him, "--shut up."

Then the other boy said,

"Sky is sky."

He didn't knew what it was--

the fact that his companion was literally trembling or the simplicity of his put together phrase but it fit somehow--

an opposing point to his thoughts.

Sky is sky. he smiled to himself.

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