Meant to Meet, Not Meant to Be
Meant to Meet, Not Meant to Be romance stories

shieyenyou I write not to die
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Love stays, love stays.

Meant to Meet, Not Meant to Be

Unexpected moments at a specific timing. It's a romantic arrival at a loub beating. It looks simple but an extraordinary present. It might appear unreal but is not a dream. Sometimes, love just come.

Suddenly, it's magic. It's a picture of luck and forever. There's a person who loves, and a person being loved back. Sometimes, love is just so kind.

It's wonderful if there are no fear and doubt. Always trust and this love. This cannot be seen. It's an abstract, it needs passion, and faith. Sometimes, love is an art.

No matter how tough the battle, love conquers all. It defeats the undefeated. It fights the deities' prophet. Sometimes, love stays.

It conquers but it needs to be fought. It can't always ice an aimed spot. Sometimes, love just goes. It has to be chased, it can't fight on it's own.

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