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Remind Her

by shewrote


When a relationship begins to exit the honeymoon phase, you must ask yourself if your partner has the potential to become more or if they were just for the moment.

Many times we become involved with others and forget to mention our intentions from the beginning. Heartbreaking situations can be avoided if we are just straightforward from the beginning.

Remind Her.

I spent most days reminding her how beautiful she was...she'd tell me to stop. I spent most days trying to think of new ways to keep her satisfied...I feel like I've failed most of the time.

I'd remind her that I did in fact see a future with her and wanted to be with her. I reminded her how happy she made me...that no one else would ever come close. And I was telling the truth.

While I was reminding her how much I wanted to be with her... She was reminding me how much she didn't. In time, the more I remained, I could feel my heart turning dark for her.

Her calls no longer excited me. Her texts were no longer a priority for me. Her arguments no longer rattled me. Her actions no longer hurt. It happened over night. She lost me this time.

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