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shewritesabitI have no idea what I’m doing
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Trigger warning: this is an angsty piece that vividly describes my experience of a weekly episode/anxiety attack/something.
Despite what this piece might imply, I’m actually doing quite well as of lately.


The bathroom floor feels piercingly cold on my bare skin, the quilted pattern rubbing against my flesh.

It feels as if I’m in a room that’s slowly getting smaller and smaller, the walls closing in on me until I can barely move; my breath flowing in short, restricted bursts.

A wave of anxiety courses through my veins, pumping adrenaline viciously through my whole body and mind, disrupting the only tranquility I’ve ever had.

Then, the tears come. Like rain rolling down the glass windows of a car, it starts tantalizingly slow, building up to a raging thunderstorm.

It feels nearly indescribable, like the whole world as I know it is imploding in on me.

Heart racing, fingers shaking, voice hoarse, I cry out, a desperate wail, for someone, ANYONE;

But the shadows only stare back with their cold, dead eyes.

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