WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rising Prt 5
WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rising Prt 5 dragons stories

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WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rising Prt 5

"Neither Moon nor I even fought in the war, which I'm sure YOU did. So really, YOU'RE the murderer here. Not us."

Winter opened his mouth, but then shut it with a growl.

HA! Star thought. Take THAT, Frostbite-face!

"So, Moon, Star," Qibli said. "Could we get you something else? Sheep? Chicken? Fish?"

If they eat Winter's scavenger, he'll kill them, Qibli thought.

"I don't want to eat him!" Moon blurted. "I don't want ANYONE to eat him, not ever."

Winter tilted his head at her. "That's exactly how I feel about him."

"Cool, weird, but cool," Qibli said. "Now we're on the same roll of the scroll or whatever."

"Ew," Winter said. "You got him all sticky."

Moon looked down and saw that her claws were still covered with crushed mangos.

"Sorry," Moon said quietly as Winter took his pet from her.

Maybe she can help me figure out what's wrong with him, Winter thought, walking over to the stream that flowed through the Prey Center. He started to dunk Bandit in the water causing the scavenger to yelp. Not that I would ask for her help. She is a NightWing after all.

"He's hungry," Moon blurted.

Careful, Star warned her telepathicly.

Winter looked up at Moon with a suspicious look on his face.

"I've offered him a rat and a seagull," Winter said. "But he wont eat it."

"Maybe he doesn't like raw meat," Kinkajou offered, sliding up next to Moon.


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