WINGS OF FIRE; Moon Rising Prt 4
WINGS OF FIRE; Moon Rising Prt 4 wof stories

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Here it is, Part 4!

WINGS OF FIRE; Moon Rising Prt 4

"Winter, can you chill out!" the SandWing said. "Get it? Chill? 'Cause he's an IceWing? I know, I'm hilarious."

"I don't see your name on it, IceWing," Star snapped, curling her tail close to Moon.

"It actually is his scavenger," the SandWing said. "I wanted to see him and as soon as we opened the cage door that critter was running down the hall before we could sneeze."

"If you even try to eat Bandit, then I'll make you regret it," Winter growled.

Bandit? Moon thought. What dragon would name their dinner?

"Aw, how cute," Star cooed. "The great nephew of Queen Glacier has a little pet scavenger."

Winter gritted his teeth and lashed his tail.

"OK, both of you need to take a step back," the SandWing said.

He turned to face Moon and Star.

"Hi, I'm Qibli, and you've already met my clawmate, Winter."

"Starfire," Star said flatly. "And this is Moon."

"Moon what?" Winter asked.

"Moon what?" Moon echoed.

"Moon WHAT!" Winter snapped. "Come on, NightWing we all know that your names are a bunch of lies, so what's yours? Mooncrusher? Moondestroyer? Mooneater?"

"It's MoonWATCHER," Star snapped back.

She turned to Qibli. "Is he always this rude and snobby?"

"Only when a good-for-nothing, lying, murderous NightWing has their claws on my scavenger," Winter snarled.

"Name one time I or Moon here killed anyone," Star said.

"Your tribe kills other dragons all the time," Winter said hotly.

"So does yours," Star countered.


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