WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rises Preview
WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rises Preview dragons stories

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Part 1 idea!

WINGS OF FIRE: Moon Rises Preview

Fan Version

"Hey, back off, IceWing," a voice snapped from behind Moon.

Suddenly, a pair of black wings surrounded her.

Moon looked up to see a pair of silver-blue eyes with a silver tear-drop scale in the corner of each eye.

It was Starfire, a fellow mindreader and seer.

She was a little older than Moon and bigger, too.

She also had a poisonous barbed tail instead of a normal point.

"Get out of my way, HYBRID," the IceWing snarled, lashing his tail. "This doesn't concern you."

Moon could feel the heat radiating off of Starfire as she wrapped her wings closer around Moon.

"I'm MAKING it my concern," Star growled, her barb tail lashed dangerously close to the ice dragon. "Especially when a pompous ice dragon is threatening to slice an innocent dragon's face off."

"She has MY scavenger," the IceWing spat. "And I want him back."

"How about asking nicely?" Star snapped.

The IceWing rolled back his shoulders and glared at Moon and Star.

"I am Queen Glacier's nephew," he snarled. "I don't need to ask nicely."

"Good for you," Star said flatly. "But this isn't your kingdom, snow-snorter. Or haven't figured that out yet?"


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