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Maybe is the void we keep chasing forever in our lives.
The reason we wake up at 8 and text someone "good morning",
Ask yourself,
"Aren't they the one you wanna keep forever?"
Forever is a void.
It keeps you earning and learning.
You want a good health forever,
We all do.
We want the smile forever.
The promises forever,
We make them too.
Everything we do, did or will do,
Hopes to forever,
And forever is the void,
Cause we want the happy part forever,
Not the cries.
We want the success forever,
Not the hustle.
We want the relationship forever,
Not the loneliness.
We want the fantasy forever,
Not the reality.
So I say,
Forever is a void.
A void that keeps you chasing the destination but not let's you enjoy the process.
Tell me,
The body you owe, is that forever?
Except this universe what is ?
Noone likes temporary.
Permanency is the trend.
Like we don't want our favourite novel to end,
We don't want our relationships to end,
The feeling of eating the last bite of the chocolate only wishing it to not end!
Remember the last day of school,
And the farewell of 12th?
Just like I don't want this night to turn into day,
But this forever doesn't tell you that everything has to end,
Even this poem.
These hopes of forever leaves the void in you,
Void with different faces of dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, sadness, and the thought that doesn't let you sleep at night!
Forever is the void, that lies,
Like the lie that breaks your heart.
I know it cause just like you,
I hate the things that end,
Everything, one day, has to end!
~Saakshi Rajkumar.

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