Storm candy stories

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There is a storm.


The rain was warm. It pounded away the sprinkles from the candy houses, stealing the dyes from the sugary hosts and mixing them together in translucent light brown puddles.

Oh yes, restoration would a pretty price indeed, thought the gummy-bear citizen as he strolled through with a fruit-leather umbrella assessing the damage. Even the umbrella was not immune to the rain, and was softened.

Surely it was better here than in the town to the west, he mused, where their building materials were soft chocolate rather than hard candy.

While this town of lollipops and sugar beads blanched white in the rain, the chocolate would melt and lose structural integrity.

Oho! What chaos their neighbors would have to deal with in this rare torrential event! The gummy bear found that entertaining himself with this chaos in his head greatly satisfied him. He could not help his morbid musings.

Upon arriving home, he was greeted with a flooded basement and a gummy-bear wife running up the stairs. "What is this?" he exclaimed, "This house should be impenetrable to storm!"

His wife took a moment to catch her breath before explaining: "It should be, but it seems that the ones who built this house filled it with chocolate because it was cheaper. The destructive rain has eaten its way in. Now help me recover these old family photos!"

"But they sold it as a hard candy house!" he protested.

His wife scoffed. "Indeed."

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