Scentless - Rainy Days (Chapter 1)
Scentless - Rainy Days

(Chapter 1)

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Monsters similar to those in our stories are real but they are always blind, they rely on their ability to smell blood to seek out their prey. One girl’s blood however, has no smell, it is completely scentless. She is practically invisible to any monsters that might happen to stumble into crossing paths with her. Will the girl be able to save humanity?

The world knew something was wrong, that everything was going to change - it was like it tried to warn us, stormy clouds rolled in and they grew until not a single speck of blue was left, shrouding the world into darkness - we should have figured it out. The clouds never left and yet they never shed a single drop of water, that was the worst part. It was like being taunted, seeing something but never having it within your grasp. The shocking revelation came with the monsters, the things from everyone's nightmares, they had been human once, yet not even a shred of humanity remained.

Scentless - Rainy Days (Chapter 1)

"Looks like it's going to rain" I said, absentmindedly picking at my lunch.

"Don't be stupid Shae! Summer's just started and it is so hot!" Nessa said teasingly, she didn't even bother to actually look up, or check the forecast.

We were at our favourite spot, the roof, a nice mossy platform that overlooked the entire town.

No one ever bothered us, they were all too scared to climb the railing, so it had become ours, a serene place where we always came to eat lunch. The quiet echo of the school bell reached us.

I looked to Nessa, she was staring off into space, I nudged her shoulder and she seemed to snap back to reality.

"I don't want to go to class," Nessa said, "I have a chemistry test.". I laughed and told her to hurry up, she grumbled some more as she stood.

We made our way to the ground, always careful despite doing it a thousand times - we tried to race each other once, and it ended terribly.

We walked most of the way together, avoiding the big groups of people, and split when we walked past the science building.

I put my hands up in mock enthusiasm, cheering, "Good luck on that test!" She was still sour, but smiled anyway.

Whilst Nessa was stuck in chemistry, I was busy finishing up my art piece, we really were quite different, I mused.

We met back up at our lockers and went to wait for a lift. Mum pulled into the parking lot and we both got in. Nessa always got shotgun, perks of being older.

"How was school?" Mum asked. I wasn't up to answering, but luckily, Nessa was. She dived right in, gushing about what she had done and complaining even more about that chemistry test.

I looked out the car window.

"It still hasn't rained." I said matter of fact, cutting into their conversation. They both glanced out the window, to the still gloomy clouds, and went back to talking.

When we got home, Nessa immediately went upstairs, but I started the search for Nicket. I found him curled up on the couch, snoring softly and covering his face with his cute little paws.

He mewled quietly as I gently picked him up and I squealed - I could never get over just how adorable he is - and carried him with me into my bedroom.

Nessa was already there, reading her book cross legged on my bed. I placed the sleeping kitty on Nessa's lap and he started purring like mad. I collapsed at my desk and sighed.

My bedroom had always had the same colour palette, pastel pinks and whites, they always gave me a peaceful vibe. Soft colours for soft cushions. It always calmed me down.

I looked around aimlessly, I really didn't want to do any homework.

Nessa hummed softly to herself, pulling me from my thoughts. I glanced her way.

She had been acting strangely recently, constantly staring into space, scratching at her ear. I didn't think anything of it, I daydreamed all the time - but this was different, almost unnatural.

She was doing the same thing now, but the scratches had turned into full on gashes, spilling blood everywhere. I gasped.

"What are you doing?" I said, rushing towards her and grabbing hold of her wrist, I tried to tear her hand away but she continued like it was nothing.

Nicket had jumped far away from her and started hissing, baring his teeth, I looked at him in dismay before turning back to my sister.

"What are you talking about?" Nessa replied, her voice sounded strained and raspy, she didn't even look at me, she was still clawing at her ears.

"Stop that right now!" I said, crying, she looked at me but didn't stop. At that moment I froze, I could feel my heartbeat speed up, urging me to run away and hide.

Nessa's once chocolate brown eyes were now a ghostly white, with little strips of blue going from the middle outwards, like veins,

and a slightly wet looking light blue substance leaked through the bottom of her eyelids like tears.

In almost an instant she was on top of me, reaching forward with sharp elongated fingernails and when I was about to yell for help, she opened her mouth,

revealing large exaggerated canine teeth. Taking a deep breath, I let out the loudest scream I could manage, by now Nicket had run away with his fur standing straight up.

Mum barged through the door, with Dad right behind her holding a baseball bat, they both stopped when they saw what was going on,

shocked for a moment and then lurching forward and pulling Nessa off of me.

They tried to hold Nessa still but she only turned on them, snapping her teeth at her own parents, who just stared at her in horror. I was still screaming.

Nessa stopped, suddenly going slack, she lifted her head up with frightened eyes, as though she just now realized what she was doing. She looked back at me, her eyes had gone back to normal.

"I'm so sorry," Nessa said, so quiet it was barely audible, real tears fell down her face as she choked back her sobs.

The small sniffles she made soon subsided and my parents checked to see if she was okay.

"She's unconscious," Dad said looking up to me, he then whispered to my mum and they both nodded their heads, "Honey, go check on Shae?

" Mum stood up silently and walked towards me, a sad look on her face, she knelt down and took my arms, assessing the damage.

"Will she be okay?" I asked, trying to peer around mum's body to catch another glimpse of Nessa. Dad had picked her up and carried her out of the room.

"I don't know sweetie." she said cautiously, "We can't have a dangerous child endangering the family." she continued. I was shocked, surely they wouldn't get rid of their own daughter.

I looked to my so called Mother in disgust, only to see that she was crying, tears rolled down her cheeks silently and I felt horrible.

She didn't want this, and I doubted that Dad did either, I reached my arms around her shoulders and we stayed crying on the floor together until we fell asleep.

I woke up with a start. Something was happening downstairs, there was loud crashing and I heard Dad yell out. I glanced at Mum, she was staring at the door, I could see her panic.

"Mum." I whispered, tugging on her sleeve. Her eyes slowly trailed from the door to my face. She grabbed my hand and stood up, taking me with her.

Heavy footsteps sounded up the stairs and Mums grip tightened. Dad walked into the room.

Mum and I both physically relaxed, but it didn't last long, his expression was solemn and he shook his head.

"They're the ones here for Nessa," he said. I could tell Mum and I were going to ask the same question; 'Who?', but it was answered as three men walked in one after the other, all in suits.

"And they want to take Shae too.". Mum immediately went off, she yelled at the men, firing questions.

The first man pulled out a gun.

Mum stopped. The other two men moved forward and pried my hand out of Mum's, she made no attempt to stop them, but I thrashed around as they held me still and pulled me backwards.

"What do you want with her?" Mum asked, stone cold, Dad put his arm around her.

"It's classified" the first man stated, before hitting me in the head with the hilt of his gun.

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