There is No Ideal
There is No Ideal women stories
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sherlocktardis19 | baby adult | tøp trash
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Me ranting about women yet again :p

There is No Ideal

I was informed today that I pick myself apart too much

I can never be completely content with what I wear

The truth is it's not the clothes, it's my body

We always want what we cannot have

Women with brown eyes want blue ones

Plump women want to be skinny

Can we never be satisfied?

I pick myself apart because that is what we are taught to do

You're too skinny/fat

You're too fair/dark-skinned

You need to look like this You need to dress like this You need to act like this

No no no

We need diversity

We need women who are "too" skinny

We need women who are "too" fat

We need women who are "too" short

We need women who are "too" tall

We need women who are "too" fair

We need women who are "too" dark

We need all women to be themselves

I will try to stop picking myself apart

I will try to pick the positives instead of the negatives

I will try to be myself and get comfortable with that

If you promise to do the same

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