Valkerie With Fallen Wings

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sherena18 Call me Ace 14~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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She was filled with power, but no one ever let her know.

Valkerie With Fallen Wings

She was so beautiful,

But she didn't know

She was so plentiful

But no one told her so

She was a Valkerie

So strong and fearless,

For all to see

She wore her title proud

And all could tell,

She wasn't afraid to get loud

She took a hard fall

But no one said anything

Because it was more than just a wall

She felt she had failed

Cause no one wanted to take her in

Like a train that had been railed

Her wings had shown with such beauty

Everyone admired her

But no one said anything for her plenty

She has fallen wings

No longer admired, she thinks

She feels she has no more place among the king's

But she didn't see

That she was incredible

But now she is a fallen Valkerie

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