Her Time Has Come
Her Time Has Come hurt- stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Sometimes, we try to go on... But sometimes we realize that that was the biggest mistake...

Her Time Has Come

Tight ripped jeans

and leather jackets

Only black

fills her closets

Hair flowing

loosely around her shoulders

Dark look and mood,

depressed holds her's

Life has never

seemed so bad

For the only thing

she ever feels, is sad

One day she awakens,

to find herself in tears

She knows it's time

to finally end her living fears

She skips school

for the first

time ever. Death was

her new thirst

Mother doesn't

give a crap

Friend brother doesn't

speak or even snap

Boyfriend seems to

be growing distant

Only darkness and

being unhappy is consistent

Maybe I should

have done this long ago

Before I tried

to attempt a new glow

So this is

my final good-bye

That girl you all knew, now wants

nothing more than to die

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