My Heart's Cell
My Heart's Cell jail stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Poem for today's prompt!

My Heart's Cell

Someone save me from this cell

My own life's hell

I am stuck in these four walls

Where no one comes or calls

No one thinks of me any more

Might as well keep shut the closed door

Despite this cell's unhappy flow

I once had a love, though

He lit up my day

And made many nights sway

He made me feel unique

With every kiss on the cheek

But that love story had to end

Because of a force that wouldn't allow this love to trend

So I locked myself away

Because he won't come back my way

I'm now locked away in this cell

Because for love, I fell

He still roams the land

While I'm here, in a cell's tight band

No one loves me any more

So I'll just curl up on the floor

And pretend I'm not alive

Though, even in this cell, my love for him will thrive

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