Hear My Cries
Hear My Cries sadness stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Listen, can you hear them? Probably not, because no one else does...

Hear My Cries

Does anyone hear my cries,

As I stand still, and time around me flies?

I feel so lonely

Am I the one and only?

Someone, save me from this cell

For it's anything but swell

Can you hear my cries,

As the last bit of me dies?

I never want to come home

This place is a death syndrome

Someone, please hear my cries

'Cause after this, who knows if I'll ever rise

Each morning comes with a little pain

Only sometimes, does happiness rain

The blood seems to come thicker now

As I say my death vow

Does anyone hear my cries?

Cuz this is my last of good-bye's

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