Drink Away

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sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Drinking isn't always the answer. It won't take away your problems, only make them worse in the long run.

Drink Away

Sip after sip

a full bottle sat on my lip.

The empty ones in a row

my temper about to blow.

Money down the drain

but it helped with the pain.

Parents disowned me

boyfriend chose to flee,

I know I should stop

but otherwise I'd blow my top.

Bottle after bottle

foot pressed hard on the throttle.

I was killing myself each day

sending the pain away.

Death didn't seem so bad

especially after he left, feeling so glad.

I was done trying.

My brain I was frying.

Beer after beer

dying wasn't my fear.

Maybe one day,

I'll drink everything away.

The pounding in my head

will someday end.

The emptiness in my heart

will no longer be a missing part.

I'll no longer feel this way,

if I were to drink and die today.

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