Dew Drops & Goodbyes

Dew Drops & Goodbyes up&down stories

sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Like to thank a friend of mine from the state of Arizona for giving me the inspiration with first line in this poem that then took off. Hope you enjoy.

Dew Drops & Goodbyes

Dew drops and daisies, scattered on the floor Golden wings are taking flight, a feeling I've only dreamed before - - -

Skipping rocks across the river A cool breeze makes me shiver

And I can't help but think For one, small moment, my life's in sync

The grass is green, and the sun is bright

The birds are chirping, and not a cloud in sight

But like all moments, it too fades

as my mind fills with new shades

Away with the sun and in with the dreary

My mind starts to think, and my eyes get teary

Each moment that passes is one we can't get back

We'll just file them away to sit on yet, another stack

They say to live to the max, and keep an interesting climax

To never be afraid to push it, 'cause what's life without a stray bullet?

But maybe I've had my share,

a few too many bullets come by

Because what's the point of "Hello",

if two seconds later, it's "goodbye"?

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