Bars & Melody-- Thousand Years
                                Bars & Melody--
                               Thousand Years song stories
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sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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OMG I love this song sooo much!! I have been listening to it constantly.
I love this duo!

Bars & Melody-- Thousand Years

Distance won't destroy us

Our hearts will only grow fonder

The absence of each other

Will only keep our love stronger

[Rapping] We share the moon, we share the stars

We taste the tears, we bare the scars

A thousand years, I'd run to you

There's not a thing I wouldn't do

I know this pain won't last

We can leave it all in the past

I would give my life for you

Just for another chance

A thousand years, a thousand miles

Across the world just to see you smile

You've been away for way too long

I need your love just to keep me strong

[Rapping] Everyday I'm not with you I lose my mind

But I will wait forever, girl

True love is hard to find

A thousand years, erase the time

I'll wait forever just to make you mine

Time won't destroy us

Our hearts will only grow older

The absence of each other

Will never make our love colder

[Rapping] I stared down the sun

I part every sea

I break the curse they put on us

And then we could be free

I tear down these walls

And open up my heart

For that would be the day

It all fell apart

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