Ah Little Rose
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sherena18 Call me Ace~Taken~Poet From the ❤
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Roses are so much like people, you just don't notice it until you really think about it.

Ah Little Rose

Ah my little pretty

So red and heart filling

With the sigh of some lovey lovey

But yet you are so chilling

You're there on first dates

But you're there at funnerals

You have the love traits

But also the death barrels

We see you as a beautiful thing

But when we touch you

We feel the pain of your thorny wing

Ah little rose you are so true

You don't represent some silly love

Nor the death that follows us

The heart filled dove

Or the hitting of a bus

You represent us as people

Showing us the truth inside

The truth from which we cannot hide

You show us our life steeple

Don't take each other for granted

You say

For we are different inside

Than what we show each day

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