Death before love
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When love hurts you.

Death before love

by shellygoodwin

As I laid there just breathing and listening to my surroundings. I hear "I was going to run away with her!" "But she belongs with me!". I was shot out of love but the love wasn't for me.

As I lay taking my last few breaths I wake up as if it was all a dream I feel alive again and I see my family and friends and I relive all the happy moments in my life.

Everything is going so slow then I see him the man of my dreams the only person to ever understand me.

We are back in his room where I play with his hair and tickle him slightly just to hear him laugh. His laugh made me so happy when it was genuine and I made him smile.

As we lay together time has felt like it has stopped. Nothing could take we away from that boy.

But then I can feel my last few breath as i just look into the eyes of the man I love one last time.

Love killed me. Before I had time to be with the one I loved.

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