Down Time (Kim Possible x Shego)

                    Down Time  
         (Kim Possible x Shego) kim and shego omg plss stories

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Shego chose to leave behind the villain life to finally live a normal one of her own, but her past keeps catching up to her and so do her feelings for Kim.

On the other hand, the teen spy wants nothing more than to help her former nemesis, slightly unaware of what was developing for her along the way.

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Down Time (Kim Possible x Shego)

Life was perfect for a girl like Kim Possible. It was the summer before senior year and she was fully in the mode. She was named co-captain of the cheer squad along with Bonnie which meant that besides her family, most of her time was either spent with her girls or with her boys.

She saw Ron and Wade (whenever he decided to come out of his station) almost every other day. They've been able to grab a bite to eat, undisturbed, since for some reason crime wasn't as demanding as usual.

The three took note of it but decided to take full advantage of enjoying their time together while they could. It was a once-in-a-while scene for them to just exist as normal teenagers. Kim was thankful she got that chance. Things were going to change once she got back home. It was late.

But coming home around midnight wasn't exactly a rare occurrence for an eighteen-year-old enjoying the summer nights with her friends. She was grateful her parents understood. Once she stepped onto her front porch though, she suddenly became very aware of her surroundings. Something shifted in the air and Kim noticed it quickly. She realized that she wasn't alone.

When she turned around the last thing she expected was to see Shego on the cobblestone path that led towards the front of the house. Kim was every bit ready to fly at her but she remained in place. Something was wrong.

Shego wasn't even in her usual black and green slim suit. She was in civilian clothing, dirty and torn. Her hair and face didn't look any better. Kim could almost count all of the cuts and bruises she saw from where she was standing. She swallowed hard.

"... Shego?" The girl on the pathway exhaled shakily.


Shego attempted at a staggered step forward before falling over and lying very still on the ground. Instinctively Kim ran to her, calling out her name but she was unresponsive. Carefully, she pulled her up and carried her inside.


"What the fuck, Kim?" Ron has been repeating the same sentence over and over again in different volumes. He nearly yelled it, he muttered it under his breath, asked it like a question, and said it like a statement.

There she was in all her glory: the almighty evil Shego unconscious in Kim's white fluffy bedsheets. Mrs. Possible helped clean and dress Shego's wounds since Kim was still a little apprehensive and shaken up.

It was the middle of the day and Shego was still asleep since collapsing outside the house last night. Kim called Ron first thing in the morning and he had to come see it for his own eyes. His face was buried in his hands. He mumbled his repeating sentence again and turned to Kim in disbelief.

"So she didn't say anything to you?" he asked. She glanced at him. "I told you, I think she was trying to but she passed out before she could. She was barely able to get my name out before falling over," she answered. "Okay well how about we call the police or something?" Ron suggested.

Kim shook her head. "I talked to my parents about it and we all agreed. This is bigger than the police." Ron glared at her, unblinking. "What is?" She let out a breath. "Come on, I know you feel it too. Something isn't right about this. Think about it, what happened to her suit? Who hurt her and why and how come she came here instead of...I don't know."

She threw her hands up in exasperation. "We need to ask Shego a lot of questions when she wakes up, obviously. But... something's going on and we have to get to the bottom of it."

Her best friend huffed. "No we don't! Besides, what if this is a trap? What if she wakes up right now and kills us both!?"

"I'm not going to kill you, Stoppable."

Ron and Kim froze and surrendered their attention to Shego as she slowly sat up in bed, trying not to groan as she did so. Kim shot a look at Ron, silently telling him to remain calm. His frigid stance alone was a dead giveaway of his growing panic. Kim turned to Shego.

"What the hell were you doing here last night?" she asked. "Yeah," Ron added, "what do you want from us?" "I don't want anything from you," she grunted, "I was just trying to warn you." She pulled off Kim's bedsheets and swung her legs over the bed.

"I don't know what Drakken is planning, but he's got everyone involved. I guess that was the wrong time to tell him I was calling it quits." "Q-quits?" Ron repeated. He laughed nervously. "You're telling me you’re trying to go straight?"

"Say what you want, Stoppable," Shego replied, "I've tried the hero gig. And when I was sick of it, I switched sides. Now I don't want either of them." "A normal life," Kim said, "Is that what you want?"

Shego regarded her with an intense look that appeared whenever they stood against each other. Ron recognized it all too well. A million options ran through his head, ready to move if the girls decided to throw down right here and now.

"I just want to be left alone. I want to be done with it--with everything. Forget this life and live a new one," Shego responded. Kim looked over the bruises on her face. It was a miracle Shego didn't have a black eye, but still she winces every time she moves.

Kim helped her mother wrap Shego's hands and fingers in band-aids and bandages. Her knuckles were near purple. "I take it Drakken didn't like that idea," Kim said. "Is that how you got hurt? Did he do this to you?" Shego scoffed and avoided Kim's eyes. "That doesn't matter."

For a moment there was nothing but silence and a thick tension in the room that you had to chop with an axe if you wanted to cut it. Slowly Kim took in a breath, then let it out. "Fine. We'll believe you for now. But if I find out this is all a ruse, I--"

"Believe all you want about this being a trap!" Shego cut in, her eyes lethal. "I don't care... I shouldn't have come here anyways. I'll leave first thing tomorrow."

"Why... did you come here?" Ron asked. He expected Shego to look aside and ignore him. Maybe even shoot him with a blow from a quick swipe from her hand. He thought she would growl her response at him and threaten him afterwards.

But she faced him directly, and said her answer.

"... I had nowhere else to go."

Ron and Kim exchanged glances. Without a word they came to a mutual decision, though still mindful of who it was they were dealing with. "You're staying here until you get better," Kim said sternly. Ron agreed. He lifted a scolding finger.

"And don't even try to argue against it because you're in no shape to be putting up any sort of fight."

She didn't say anything. Instead, she gave them a slight nod, pulled her legs back into Kim's sheets, and pulled the covers over her as she laid back down in the bed.

*** Ch. 2

"Oh now don't look at me like that." It was hard for Kim not to frow at her parents from across the table. For dinner, her dad made his famous rigatoni bolognese and it looked delicious but her appetite was non-existent.

Shego has been in and out of sleep so they decided to save some for her in case she decides to come down when she’s hungry. Mr. Possible couldn’t help but notice Kim’s empty plate. “This thing doesn’t have your stomach tied up in knots does it sweetie?” he asked.

Kim poked at the fork in front of her. “I’m sorry Dad, I know your pasta’s delicious. It’s just.... nothing about it is easing me. I just have a really bad feeling,” she responded. “About Shego?” Tim asked through a mouthful of rigatoni.

Surprisingly, the only sense of impending doom that settled in Kim’s gut was only about whatever Drakken was planning… but not about Shego herself. Yeah, sure, she’s a little apprehensive and on-guard whenever they’re in the same room but she prides herself on being a good judge of character and always knew whenever they fought that Shego was on the wrong side.

Kim shook her head. “About what happened to her, and whether there’s people coming after her.” She looked up. “You guys, are you sure it’s safe for her to stay here? What if the same people who hurt her try to hurt us too?”

Beside her, Jim put his fork down. “Isn’t that why Dad put in that killer security system for the house?” he added. “I mean once you got into the spy gig, he didn’t take any chances. Cause your enemies might come after us and all that. And anyways, aren’t your enemies her enemies now?”

“Good point bro,” Tim chided. They shared a fist bump. “You know, they’re right, honey,” Mrs. Possible said. “We have the right kind of protection, just in case anything happens. We have a protocol that we practice once every two months so everyone knows what to do if the time ever comes.”

“Besides,” her dad considered, “we have plenty of safehouses scattered around if we ever need to use them. But for now, I think we should just focus on getting Shego better and we’ll figure out what to do from there.”

With that, the rest of the conversation shifted into different topics, the main one being school and how they all felt about going when the first day arrives next week. The boys had a blast during their first year as freshmen, despite them only being 13. But you never know what you come across during sophomore year.

Kim was excited to be a senior though. She couldn’t wait for all of the events scheduled for them. Homecoming, winter formal, lunch parades, last games, prom… it was all she and her friends have been talking about.


When dinner was over, Kim helped her mom clean the dishes, since it was their turn to. The talk about senior year carried on as they scrubbed plates. It led into a conversation about college as they washed the last few.

“You can always go to Upperton,” she suggested with a sly smile. As a former graduate and doctor at that university, Mrs. Possible never shied away from supporting Upperton U. Kim laughed. “I know I could, and I’m not against it.”

She placed some of the plates in the dishwasher to dry. “As long as they have a kinesiology program.” “They do!” Mrs. Possible exclaimed. She put a hand on her hip, a towel in the other hand. “And I happen to know who heads that department. An old friend of mine. See, all you need is to apply and you’re in!”

A ball of stress and anticipation gathered as a knot in Kim’s stomach. She already had a couple of schools in mind to apply for this fall, and she needed to make her final decisions soon. She’s known for a while now that studying physiology was going to be her definite choice.

She was a very active cheerleading, teenage spy. Knowing body movements and spending her life with the knowledge of how to improve and maintain one’s well-being was the perfect route to go. “Maybe you can minor in something too. One of those degrees you can obtain within a few years,” Mrs. Possible suggested.

Kim scoffed. “That might be much, Mom.” “You know,” she responded, “Shego has a college degree.” That was enough for Kim to freeze for a moment before turning to look her mother dead in the eye, unblinking. “How do you know that?”

Mrs. Possible put the towel aside. “I… may or may not have done a background check on Shego,” she said. Kim kept her mouth from hanging open.

In response, Mrs. Possible walked to the cabinet that had the phone set and grabbed a file folder from one of the drawers. She laid it out on the kitchen island for Kim to see. “We had to know what we were getting into. And it would help if we knew a couple things about our guest,” she explained.

Kim stared at it hesitantly. She’s been fighting Shego for years and the only thing she knew about her were her abilities, her appearance, and the name she went by. Now everything she could ever hope to know was just at arm’s length.


“How did your mom even get this?” Ron was holding onto the file, focusing intently as he sipped from his cup. It was past midnight, but Kim knew that the boys were up. She knew better than to underestimate how long they could play video games.

When you throw loaded nachos into the mix of an all-nighter, they were all in. They sat at their usual booth with their food pushed to the side as Kim presented the file. The boys almost couldn’t believe it.

“Shannon Gowens,” Ron recited. “That’s a joke right? Her name is Shannon? I thought it would be something more fitting, like ‘Murderhonda’ or ‘Killerette’ or something.” “Gowens,” Wade mumbled, “Why does that sound so familiar? Gowens…”

Kim picked at her nachos, slowly making progress to finish it. After the loss of appetite at dinner, her empty stomach was now back to its usual business. “I knew she had a secret identity, but I never actually thought about it, who she could be," she said, "My mom just like… casually presented it to me like ‘Here you go!’ right after she said Shego had a college degree."

“Yeah, I see it right here,” Wade said, “It’s a degree in child development. I can’t believe she’s just been chillin at your house.” Ron snickered. “Chillin’ like a villain.” Kim threw a sauce packet at him, who defended that he was only kidding.

Wade squinted at the file as he held it up to read. “Dude I seriously thought she was like 25 or something.” Ron leaned over to look, chewing on his straw. “I thought she was damn near 30.” “September huh…” Wade said. “She’s only 21. And a Virgo.”

“Oh shit, I think we’re compatible!” Ron exclaimed. Wade laughed. Ron noticed how quiet Kim has been. He cleared his throat. “We’re just being assholes, Kim. I’m sorry if it’s bugging you.”

She chuckled. “No you’re fine. I just… for a long time, I was so curious about her and who she really was. We’ve been fighting Shego for a long time and now all of the sudden we know everything about her.” “Does she know…? That you know…?” Wade asked.

Kim shook her head. “But when she wakes up, I’m going to tell her. Maybe it’ll bring us a step closer to figuring out what’s going on.” The boys nodded. Still, Kim couldn’t shake the feeling of uneasiness that came at the thought of Drakken’s shady plans.

“Wade, can you be on the lookout for whatever Drakken is up to? Update me on whatever you find?” she asked. “You got it,” Wade answered with a little salute.

I don’t think I’ll be putting the entirety of the story here since it’s pretty lengthy 😅 I'll put the links to the rest in the description below!

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