The day fear said goodbye. Part 6
The day fear said goodbye. 
Part 6 erotic stories

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Let's rewind

The day fear said goodbye. Part 6

Wait. Rewind. She took a breathe, held it and slowly released. She had to go back before she could move forward.

She stepped out of the changeroom after an explosive orgasm. She was certain her moans were heard, even though she desperately tried to keep her lips sealed so the sound wouldn't escape her.

She hurried through the corridor back into the store. Her eyes remained down, firmly focused on the floor.

As she walked through the ladies clothes section and out back into the main shopping centre, her thoughts went back 4 months.

"I think we need a break." Seriously? Am I in some lame rom com?

"Um...what?" I stared at him intently trying to decipher if he was joking.

"We have been through so much and we are not really getting any better. We need a break. Don't you think?"

"I know we are not getting any better but it's YOUR fault! Who kept secret email accounts, who kept harassing the girl you kissed 12 years ago while WE WERE ENGAGED!

If anyone needs a fucking break, it's ME"

His lips pressed firmly together. I could see he was trying so hard not to yell back. Of course, always the 'calm' one, always the one who made me feel like the damn monster!

"What about all you did to make me do that? What about all the years of longing for your love, attention, flirting, kisses ... fucking anything?! I have done everything to make you feel wanted and loved because you were the love of my life and I got NOTHING in return!"

Was he fucking kidding? Yeah he showered me with compliments, with flowers, with caresses and kisses but you know what he didn't give me? The one thing I truly wanted and needed.

Some damn security. When did he ever earn my trust?! When did he ever make me feel like I WAS the only one...NEVER. Always on his phone, always talking to other girls, always seeking attention.

We were not going to did this because I did that. OVER and OVER and OVER.

"Ok. Let's have a break"

Two weeks later, he asked me back. But just after he did. I got the dreaded message from some random. - Your husband is having an online relationship with 2 women -

oh and he says one of them is his soulmate and he is in love .. oh and one more thing. It's been going on for about 5 months.

So that's why he wanted a 'break' so he could pursue his new love.

So we cried, we yelled, we fought, he left.

I was ok. I wasn't surprised. I was ok. I hadn't lived alone for YEARS. We had been married for 13 years. I was ok.

I started to find myself. My anxiety seemed to have lessened. I wasn't comparing myself to women on social media, I started to actually like myself a bit.

I didn't HAVE to do the things my anxiety told me I HAD to do. I felt relieved! I felt calm.

Then he realised. He saw me happier, calmer, smiling. He remembered he never stopped loving me. He was confused he said. He told the girl online he loved her, but he didn't really know.

He was confused he said.


She marched out of the shopping centre, head held high. She was happier, calmer ... but also confused. She loved him. Yes.

But could she ever trust him again? Could he stop hiding things from her. He said he only sought out all the attention because he felt so unloved for so long. She understood that.

She had fault too ... but he should have walked away. Not cheated, not lied, not hidden things.

She arrived back to her car that was parked outside the cafe. She looked at her phone.

"Where did you go?"

She put her phone away. Not right now.

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