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Portals can be anything, you know?


A portal could be anything, you know?

The one staring at me from my hand is one I've been pondering about for a while.

Would it be worth it?

Where would it take me?

Somewhere good?

Somewhere bad?

Somewhere where time stands still, and I'm trapped in a state of limbo?

If I went through, would people notice my absence?

If I didn't go through, would they notice me anyways?

Choices, choices, choices.

Yes or no?

Should I do it?

Should I leave it?

Could I come back if I changed my mind?

The portal in my hand is full of mystery, yet oh-so predictable.

It could go either way.

A place where it's blissful, like heaven.

Or a place where it's painful, like hell.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?







So take the small portal and I begin to use it.

I try once, but it doesn't do much. I need to do it again.

Twice. That's better, but still not enough.

The portal isn't big enough for me to get through.

Three times, four, five, six, it's like euphoria.

I'm finally doing it.

To be honest, I had partially used it before.

I always hesitated, though.

I always stopped before I went through.

Because what if I would be missing something while I was away?

What if something really good happened but I wasn't there to see it?

And... I was also kinda scared.

But I'm not anymore.

Finally using it this time... it's like a drug.

As it gets bigger, I'm sinking deeper and deeper into it.

It's freeing.

No more worries.

No more stress.

I was finally going through my portal.

On the twentieth time I try, it happens.

The portal opens, and I stare into for what seems like forever before I pass through.

I drop the portal holder onto the floor and slowly drift towards the bright light.

Then I float over to the other side and I only look back once.

Huh... it seems like they miss me after all.

A shame they didn't show it when I was still there.






Wait, you might be wondering, what exactly was my portal?

Well, that's simple.

But if you really don't know, I'll tell you.






A knife.

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