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Dear Kendrick

by Shinee

For all those years we've spend together, I just realized that... destiny just isn't kind

I remembered the day when I met you... I started loving you the way you love me too.

Then... I started thanking destiny for making our paths cross.

After a few days, weeks, months, years, I started thinking that... maybe I or we were just played by destiny.

Then the day you left me made me think that... all these years that I thought you were meant for me doesn't mean that you'd stay for a long time.

I learned that no matter how hard you tried to fight for that person, you just can't really hold them on forever.

But I'll promise not to close my heart for you because your the one who opened my heart and taught me how to love again.

Even if you fooled my heart... I am still here waiting for you to come back.

But I know it will never happen.

The heart that you played games on... I am still here struggling to move on because I still want you to stay.

But I know I'll still hurt myself even more because of waiting for you to come back.

But hey, I just really want to say...

Thank you...

For coming to my life

For opening the doors of my heart

For teaching me how to love again

For cherishing every moment with me

And thank you for the broken hearts...

Dedicated to...

The boy who broke my heart. The person who I thought that he was the one for me.

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