Not Alone
Not Alone dark stories
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This is a dark short story if you interested in those.

Not Alone

Walking down the dark streets at night alone was scary. Especially when there was nothing but the dim light of the street lamps lighting the path.

The leaves on the ground being moved around by the wind sounded like someone was following me. I keep looking all around me making sure nobodys there.

Each time I look I see nothing, maybe I'm just paranoid. I start to walk a little faster. My apartment is just 3 blocks away.

As I started to walk faster it seemed like the leaves were making more sound and the wind hadn't picked up. I now know i'm not the only one on this street.

For some reason knowing that I wasn't alone was much more worrying than thinking it was the wind. I look around trying to not make it so obvious that I know someone is there.

I can't see anything, maybe it's just too dark or maybe they are very good at hiding. I then start to jog home not caring about anything else but getting back to my apartment.

I start to hear the leaves crunching like someone was running across them and the sound is getting closer. It keeps getting closer and closer and I can't run anymore.

I turn around to find a rat running up behind me. I stop to collect myself and take a breath realizing that It was only a rat and not a person.

I start to hear more leaves rustling then see another rat running then another one. Soon I can see that I am surrounded by hundreds of rats and can't run anywhere.

I started spinning around trying to find a way to get out, it was hopeless. I was surrounded and these rats did not look so happy.

The first rat that had appeared started to come closer to me and as he was coming closer I was falling back. I then feel something run across my foot.

I looked down to see the rats were directly behind my feet. I have nowhere to go. I feel them start to bite at my pants and as I try to kick them off of me I lose my balance and fall backwards.

Now on the ground I can feel the rats biting at my arms and legs and crawling all over me. I start to feel something running down my arms. I lift them up to see blood running down them.

I started to scream for help but there was no point no one could hear me. They start to attack my face, clawing and biting at me.

I can feel then tearing into my flesh as I start to scream louder. I tried fighting back but it was no use there were too many of them.

They were all over me and I could start to feel blood running down my face and stomach. They were tearing into my stomach. I had to keep my eyes closed as they were digging after my eyes.

I can feel them start to peel away at my eyelids. My body is overcome with pain. I can feel them taking chunks of the skin off my bones.

I finally opened my eyes to see that my organs were laying on top of my stomach. They were eating away at my intestines and soon they were eating away at my eyes and tongue.

The last thing I saw was there beady red eyes staring at me with the intent to kill me and use me as their next meal.

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