Broken pain stories

shay A Daydreamer
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This is a real person.


I once knew a girl who touched the deepest parts of my soul but at the same time she would regularly cut me with her words.

She came from the slums of the streets of a third world country.

Her father died when she was very young.

She was left with only a poor mother to care for her.

It's a very harsh life living in a third world country, being poor and female.

She was used to begging for her dinner sometimes with no luck.

She would eat dried clay to fill the emptiness of her stomach. The clay would sit heavy in her tiny belly for a couple of days.

She went to the house of God to find some hope. Oh this poor soul...

Little did she know, that residing in the house of God were not His friends but more friends of the Devil.

They took her innocence. They took what was left of her youth.

Helpless little girl...

Her mother told her to be strong.

Soon her mother lost her mind.

Then disappeared... never to be seen again.

Years has passed by.

She stands here all alone.

Everyone ends up leaving her.

You see this girl is very broken and her edges are very sharp.

If anyone tries to get close..

They will end up getting cut on those very sharp edges.

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