What A Fake
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shatteredpieces Writer+Singer+Reader=Me
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This is a personal poem that I wrote when I was going through a break up with my boyfriend. He acted like everything was fine, but really nothing was.

What A Fake

by shatteredpieces

Once upon a time.

It feels like a long time.

You made me feel something special.

You made me believe that you cared.

But you wore a mask to hide all the lies that you were telling.

You are just like the rest.

I trusted you.

You were the one that was there when my world was crashing down.

You were the one that stopped the tears that were falling.

You were the one that brought a smile to my face when it was just a frown.

You made me laugh when I thought no one could.

You told me things that made me forget that this was reality, as if it was all a just a fairy tale.

But that was all just an act to cover up the truth.

The truth is you lost feelings for me two months ago and didn't have the balls to tell me.

The truth is all those things you were telling me was out of guilt.

The truth is you broke my heart and made me cry.

You lied to make everything seem like it was all just fine.

You played me just like every other guy.

But worst of all you were truly never there.

You were just a fake.

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