Snow White (Crazy Fairy-tale) Part One
Snow White (Crazy Fairy-tale)  Part One murder stories

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We all know the story about Snow White and what had happened. She was tricked into biting a poison apple from the evil queen and the prince saved her. Blah! Blah! Blah! But what if thats not the true story.. What if it was actually a horror story. What if it wasn't a romance.

Snow White (Crazy Fairy-tale) Part One

by shatteredpieces

Once upon a time there was a beautiful baby girl that was born. The queen had gotten what she had wished for.

A baby girl that was white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as dark as the night. But something was different about Snow and the queen could tell. She wanted to hid poor Snow from the king

She didn't want him to take her away and feed her to the wolves. She hid the quiet snow where no one could find her, but one day the queen had disappeared and she was never seen again.

No one knew where the queen or Snow had went. But little Snow White was alone in the hiding place. Snow didn't have food and no love from anyone.

A day later one of the maids had found little Snow White. Ironically enough it turned out to be the maid the king was fooling around with while he was with the queen.

When Snow White was five she was found with a knife. She had crossed off one unlucky person from her list. The king had found Snow White with the Knife in her tiny delicate hands.

She was sitting near the corpse of the dead maid. Snow was different and she knew it. The king was afraid of his own daughter. So, he decided to get married again.

He thought that the new wife could take care of her. Once the king found his next queen, Snow wasn't quiet anymore. After a while the king suddenly disappeared the same way as Snow's mom had.

The Evil Queen made Snow do everything or she threatened to kill her. Snow became fed up with the Queen so she decided to run away.

She made a batch of her special apples and handed them out to the village people. As every bite a person took they ended up falling to the ground with a loud thud and their hearts seemed to stop.

Snow stated to sing as she skipped, "Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy. Ashes! Ashes! You all fall down! Until she got to the woods and smelt the wonderful smell of blood.

Her eyes turned pure white as she followed the wonderful smell of copper that lingered, until she got to her destination. It was a cold old small cabin. She than barged in.

She saw the reddest blood everywhere. She grinned as she heard the handle turn to the left and opened. Snow was hiding her knife behind her back and waited to see who it was. She heard a creak...

It was one of the scummy dwarfs and he looked exhausted. Snow smirked devilishly as she said, "Sleepy.." His eyes shot wide open as his hands began to shake. He was now wide awake.

He knew what he had done to Snow was awful and he tried to speak, but before he could Snow took the blade of her knife and slice it through his throat. He was drowning on his own blood.

She giggled as his body dropped to the ground as she hissed, "I told you I was going to get my revenge!" She than heard that annoying off pitch sound coming from outside.

"We dig dig dig a-dig gig heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho." Snow hid in the darkest corner of the room and wickedly smiles. As each one walks in they see her note on Sleepy's chest.

Snow White is as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and black hair as dark as the night. I came back to hunt each one of you down. I now only have 6 left.

They realized what they had done to her and knew all along that they were going to be punished. Snow could smell their fear raditing off of them. She snickered.

As she lunged forward one of the dwarfs knocked her to the ground and smirked. "What a naughty girl. Thinking she could get away with murder."

He then took her head and slammed it against the cement ground. The wind was knocked right out of Snow as she passed out. The rest of the dwarfs got out her glass coffin and smirked.

They gripped her limp body and dragged it towards the coffin and stuffed her back into her home. Where she always belonged. Wjere she deserved to die.

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