how i met my school crush
how i met my school crush  love stories
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story of a writer and her school crush and how he met her after a long time

By: shashank

how i met my school crush

by shashank

its was mid summer of June,2021.

it was very hot and humid so I decided to buy a cold bottle of water from the near shop when reached to the shop I saw a young boy around 7 to 8 year old boy so was selling my books

at double price for my curiosity I asked him why are selling the books for double price for my question he answered that it was signed by the writer by himself then I replied do you even

know who the right the said no then for his surprise i smiled and said it my book and showed him my photo inside that book and said which you were selling for double the price then

he told that his mother is seek and he need money to buy her medicine so decided to gave him some money but he refused to take that money and said sorry but i cant take it because

my mother always be grateful for what you have and never expect to be helped .

so i just said him that your mother is right but you can sell the books to me and take the money so he smile and said why would you buy its was written by you so i replied i want to help you

so how can i help you he said that i can go with him to his house so i nod my head in yes and for my surprise the boy lives in a little house in a slum and it was so congested that if

three people stand there there will be no room for another person . i was in my thought suddenly i heard a voice i was thinking about it sounding familiar to me .

when i looked up i saw Sheela handing me class of water and i was in shock to see her after long time she was used to be my crush in the school days i used to be a shy guy in the school days .

while i was thinking she asked me again want some water and nod in yes and then she recognized me and said hey Shashank it's you and start talking about the school days while she was talking

i was just looking at her wondering she used to have fashionable dresses and now she was in light blue saree without any of her ornament and then she suddenly asked if i got married or not

i take sometime and replied no i m in search of the girl and asked her so where is you husband works she started crying so i asked her is every things fine so she said he died in

the pandemic he was used to work in a MNC after pandemic began he lost his job and after a month he committed the suicide and left her and boy alone .

after all conversation ended i offered her the of my assistant and she said that she is grateful to have friend like me after it i came back home .

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