That Special Day Part 2 of Chapter 4
That Special Day Part 2 of Chapter 4 monika stories

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Yeah this is a two parter so of course this part is shorter than the last one. Sana shares her poem with Yuri and Monika, will her poem be good enough for them?

That Special Day Part 2 of Chapter 4

“Ah here to exchange poems with me?”

“Yeah let's do it.” Yuri hands me her poem.

The Raccoon

It happened in the dead of night while I was slicing bread for a guilty snack.

My attention was caught by the scuttering of a raccoon outside my window.

That was, I believe, the first time I noticed my strange tendencies as an unusual


I gave the raccoon a piece of bread, my subconscious well aware of the consequences.

Well aware that a raccoon that is fed will always come back for more.

The enticing beauty of my cutting knife was the symptom.

The bread, my hungry curiosity.

The raccoon, an urge.

The moon increments its phase and reflects that much more light off of my cutting


The very same light that glistens in the eyes of my raccoon friend.

I slice the bread, fresh and soft. The raccoon becomes excited.

or perhaps I'm merely projecting my emotions onto the newly-satisfied animal.

The raccoon has taken to following me.

You could say that we've gotten quite used to each other.

The raccoon becomes hungry more and more frequently, so my bread is always handy.

Every time I brandish my cutting knife the raccoon shows me its excitement.

A rush of blood. Classic Pavlovian conditioning. I slice the bread.

And I feed myself again.

“This is a really good poem Yuri it has depth yet I think I understand this one.”

“Y-You do? Elaborate on how you understand the poem.”

“Well I kinda can't say anything about what I know what this means. Just remember 'it takes one to know one’.”

“O-Okay.. um.. may I read your poem now?”

“Yeah here you go.”

Yuri reads my poem.. she looks to be happy when reading it. She returns with a gleeful smile on her face, obviously content with what was on the paper.

“I-I didn't think you liked deep poetry too.. I know this isn't about just pens. Even though I love pens and this poem, there's a deeper message to this. I believe I understand your poem too.”

“Oh? Really?”

“Y-Yes.. I think this poem is about your relationships with other people mainly friendships. And how you have a lot of friends but they're all considered to be bad. So they end quickly..

and you just want someone that could help you through life perhaps?”

“.... Wow that's exactly what it's about.. I'm impressed.”

“I'm glad you are, I am too usually people aren't good at poetry their first go.”

I noticed that Yuri blushed a bit when I said I was impressed. That was really cute..

I can't help but think these things why am I liking these girls so much? I don't have a history of being gay. Or do I..? Well I never had a same sex relationship before..

so I can't understand why these thoughts float in the back of my mind.. geez now I'm zoned out.

Okay okay just go to Monika and present your poem and calm down so what if she's intimidatingly hot… So What??

“Hey Monika I'm ready to exchange poems with you.”

“Uhh are you sure you were just standing there blushing for like 2 minutes before you came to me..”

“Wh-What? N-No! I'm just n-nervous..”

Geez now I'm sweating hopefully it's not too noticeable. Why out of all girls do I have to feel this way for all of the club members?

“Ahaha anyways here's my poem Sana”

Save Me

The colors, they won't stop.

Bright, beautiful colors

Flashing, expanding, piercing

Red, green, blue

An endless


Of meaningless


The noise, it won't stop.

Violent, grating waveforms

Squeaking, screeching, piercing

Sine, cosine, tangent

Like playing a chalkboard on a turntable

Like playing a vinyl on a pizza crust

An endless


Of meaningless

Load Me

Another poem of Monika’s that make me go hmm I don't understand what it's supposed to mean.

“It's a good poem but I don't quite understand what it's supposed to be about.”

“Ahaha well you have to figure that out for yourself Sana.”

Monika gets everyone's attention again.. “Okay everyone poem sharing is over you may do anything literature related for the rest of the time!”

“H-Hey Sana.. would you like to read with me and I can make you tea?”

“Yeah I'd love to Yuri.”

“E-Excellent the tea should be done shortly.”




“T-The tea is done. Are you ready to read the Portrait of Markov?”

“Yeah and thanks Yuri!”

I sit down next to Yuri she only has one copy of the book so I had to get closer to her to read it. Our legs are touching and the way that we sat turning pages was a two girl job.

She took the left side of the book, I took the right. We turned page after page, me giving her the page as a gift and her placing it for later. She's really warm..

I felt my leg burning up a little since us being so close made me heat up. She was zoned into reading this book it was interesting to see.

I could go for a snack right now, I remember that I had chocolate in my backpack. I reach over and get it. I took pieces of the chocolate apart and ate it. I asked Yuri if she wanted some.

She opened her mouth.. well I don't mind feeding Yuri like this. I place the chocolate in her mouth it stays there for a second then Yuri realizes what I did. She seemed to be shook by it.

I was scared I made the wrong move by doing that, I try to apologise but then she holds her soft long finger to my lips and eats the chocolate.

She gave me a smile that said 'its okay I wouldn't mind if you did it again’. I didn't even realize it myself at first but Yuri and I were looking into each other's eyes.

The tension in the air was so thick it was hard for me to breathe. I also see that Yuri’s cheeks and nose are red. I feel the blush there too.

Monika suddenly says, “Okay everyone! That's the end of our club time for today, don't forget to write a poem!”

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