That Special Day Part 1 of Chapter 4
That Special Day Part 1 of Chapter 4 monika stories

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This Chapter had to be cut in half since I has too many words to put it all in at once. Today Sana had to show her poem to everyone, will it be good enough?

That Special Day Part 1 of Chapter 4

We run into the rest of the club members when we get to school. We all greet each other and I find out that only Natsuki is in the same grade as I am. The rest are in 12th grade.

I reach my math class and I see Natsuki and my friends. I never noticed that Natsuki WAS in my math class before.

I decide to sit next to her, she was a bit shocked to see me sit next her instead of my friends.

“Hi Natsuki.”

“Oh hey why are you next to me instead of Amy and the rest of your friends?”

“They're kinda assholes but you aren't so.. wait do you want me to move?”

“What? No you can stay here.. wait I mean like it's not like I want you here or anything! But you don't have to leave either!”

“Well I'm staying here.”

Natsuki gave a relieved smile I pretended not to notice that. We had a good class actually since all we did was goof around and speak about Natsuki's love for the manga she reads.

“So you like manga too??”

“Yeah I do! It's sad that some people see it as stupid, like go ahead and call it childish but not stupid.”

“I feel the same way! I'm glad you're not like your friends, they aren't as nice.”

When Natsuki said that I felt a little blush appear on my face. What? Why would that make me blush? All she said was that you were nice.. calm down.

After math is done I proceed to Social Studies, when I'm walking there I see my friends give me dirty looks.. I don't know why they're mad at me.

Was it because I sat with Natsuki? Or walked with Sayori? I don't know.. I just continue to walk to my class.

Social Studies was the same as usual just easy history stuff to remember for tests that won't matter in the future. When I was done with that class I was happy that lunch was next.

I knew sitting with my usual friends wouldn't be a good idea today since they're mad at me. So I see Yuri sat down at a table, alone with her homemade lunch.

“Hey Yuri, is this seat taken?”

“O-Oh hey and n-no that seat is empty ready for you to take if desired.”

“Do you usually sit alone?”

“W-What? No Monika, Sayori, and Natsuki are in the lunch like at the moment.”

“I'm sorry I didn't realize that. So.. how's your day so far?”

“M-My day so far has been rather bland, not much excitement.. what about you?”

“Kinda weird, it's like my friends hate me now but I don't know why..”

“I-It's because you're hanging out with us..”

“Wh-What? That's not right! They shouldn't hate me because I'm hanging out with you guys!”

“I'm sorry but it's true, people don't like Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori..”

“Wha-Monika they're cool people! What's wrong with people?”

“Rumors. Rumors is what made people not like them plus most of them are idiots so that adds on.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I would much rather hang out with these girls than to hang out with those assholes. Besides the rather upsetting conversation we had, lunch was good.

Not the food I mean the time I spent with the girls.

Sayori was laughing about how I was rushing her to get ready for school and how Natsuki and I would occasionally throw paper balls in the math teacher’s direction.

I'm happier to be here rather than with my fake friends.

I get through the rest of my classes rather quickly and now it's time to go to the literature club.

I have my poem prepared and I'm ready to share it, I'm not sure if it'll be as good as the others but hopefully it will be just enough.

Sayori sees me in the hall ready to go to the literature club. She stops me asks if she could walk with me. I say yeah. So we walked to the clubroom together.

It seems that everyone was already there when we arrived.

“Hey are we late or something?”

“Ahaha no you two are on time the rest of us are just early.”

I don't think too much of it. Monika gathers everyone's attention and says, “Okay everyone let's all present our poems to each other!” I wonder who I should show my poem to first..

I'll just do the same order as last time I suppose. Sayori knew that I was going to approach her first, her smile can say a lot. Sayori beams and hands me her poem.


I pop off my scalp like the lid of a cookie jar.

It's the secret place where I keep all my dreams.

Little balls of sunshine, all rubbing together like a bundle of kittens

I reach inside with my thumb and forefinger and pluck one out.

It's warm and tingly.

But there's no time to waste! I put it in a bottle to keep it safe.

And I put the bottle on the shelf with all of the other bottles.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts in bottles, all in a row.

My collection makes me lots of friends.

Each bottle a starlight to make amends.

Sometimes my friend feels a certain way.

]Down comes a bottle to save the day.

Night after night, more dreams.

Friend after friend, more bottles.

Deeper and deeper my fingers go.

Like exploring a dark cave, discovering the secrets hiding in the nooks and crannies.

Digging and digging.

Scraping and scraping.

I blow dust off my bottle caps.

It doesn't feel like time elapsed.

My empty shelf could use some more.

My friends look through my locked front door.

Finally, all done. I open up, and in come my friends.

In they come, in such a hurry. Do they want my bottles that much?

I frantically pull them from the shelf, one after the other.

Holding them out to each and every friend.

Each and every bottle.

But every time I let one go, it shatters against the tile between my feet.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts in shards, all over the floor.

They were supposed to be for my friends, my friends who aren't smiling.

They're all shouting, pleading. Something.

But all I hear is echo, echo, echo, echo, echo

Inside my head

“This is interesting Sayori, it's deep. Which wasn't something I was suspecting from you..”

“You like it though right??”

“Yeah of course I do, it definitely peaked my curiosity.” I hand Sayori my poem.

A Surplus of Pens

I have plenty of pens

I could count them by tens

They go bad fast

Before I know it, it's only in the past

I want a pen that will last forever

But the chances of that is never

Have I found one?

Will my work finally be done?

Maybe I have but what's the catch?

Only way to find out is to open the latch.

In the process will I become attached?

Maybe I will finally meet my match.

“Wow I never knew you were good at poetry! You didn't mention that on the things about yourself!”

“Ahaha Sayori I'm glad you enjoyed my poem but I don't think I'm good at poetry.”

“Well YOU ARE! I can't wait until tomorrow’s poem!”

“Hey Smarty Pants! Aren't you going to come and read my poem?”

I look to Sayori, she smiles and gestures me to go ahead and read Natsuki's poem. I walk over to Natsuki she hands me her poem.

Amy Likes Spiders

You know what I heard about Amy?

Amy likes spiders.

Icky, wriggly, hairy, ugly spiders!

That's why I'm not friends with her.

Amy has a cute singing voice.

I heard her singing my favorite love song.

Every time she sang the chorus, my heart would pound to the rhythm of the words.

But she likes spiders.

That's why I'm not friends with her.

One time, I hurt my leg really bad.

Amy helped me up and took me to the nurse.

I tried not to let her touch me.

She likes spiders, so her hands are probably gross.

That's why I'm not friends with her.

Amy has a lot of friends.

I always see her talking to people.

She probably talks about spiders.

What if her friends start to like spiders too?

That's why I'm not friends with her.

It doesn't matter if she has other hobbies.

It doesn't matter if she keeps it private.

It doesn't matter if it doesn't hurt anyone.

It's gross.

She's gross.

The world is better off without spider lovers.

And I'm gonna tell everyone.

“Awe Natsuki don't hate me because I'm somewhat friends with her.”

“Wha-What? I-I don't hate you. You're not as bad as Amy but I do still hate her friends. You're just not one of them that I hate..”

“Okay that's good you worried me there. But overall good poem it shows exactly how you feel.”

“You had a poem too right? Let's see it!”

I hand Natsuki my poem. She examines it for a few minutes it was a short poem so I was worried that she probably wasn't going to like it.

“Hmm so this poem is about you wanting to have a pen that could last forever? I feel as there's more meaning to this, by the way it's worded. This has two meanings right?”

“I know that you're not into that type of stuff but yeah it has more than what is said there.”

“Hmm it's not a bad poem but I feel it needs improvement, don't leave the reader blind and not knowing where you're going. Just show them. That's my tip.”

“Okay thanks Natsuki.”

“It's okay one day you'll be able to make banger poems like me!”

Sayori's poem definitely was bittersweet, kinda cute in a way. Natsuki's poem is straightforward, I can tell she doesn't like Amy for her liking spiders in that poem crystal clear.

Well time to head over to Yuri now..

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