That Special Day Chapter 9
That Special Day Chapter 9 monika stories

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A lot of things go down in the chapter. So I suggest you just read it for yourself.

That Special Day Chapter 9

As we wait for Monika, Natsuki comes up and hugs me.. why is she doing this? “Hey is everything okay?” I ask as I'm worried because she's not the type to be open about how she feels.

She says,”I just.. really need it right now.. it could last a while.. so get comfy smarty pants.” She reeled me in and caught me so we sit at a desk and hug each other.

Sayori notices and then quickly looks away..

what's up with that? Yuri sees us too and asks,”H-Hey are you okay Natsuki? A-Are you still scared from last night?” Natsuki nods and puts her head into my chest. She's warm and comfortable so..

I don't mind at all. I wanted to stay like this forever.. who am I falling for? I thought maybe I would like one of them more than the other but.. I don't. They're all amazing and cute.

Geez I'm so confused. Monika walks in and says,”Hey I'm sorry I was late! I was practicing piano."

Practicing piano? Oh that's right I forgot to mention that I actually love the piano and violin but I only know how to play the piano..

I'm one of the best in our school ahaha not trying to brag. “Oh you were? That's cool! Maybe you can show me how you're doing!” I say with excitement.. what? I was excited to be honest.

She blushes a bit and says,”Yeah but I'm not good at it.. like at all.” I say,”Hey that's fine I can help you out if you need it."

She looks to Natsuki and then jokes,”Hey how are you two love birds doing?"

Natsuki practically leaps from my arms and says,”I-It’s not like that M-Monika!” She says this with a pretty red face though..

was she blushing that badly? Yuri adds,”I don't know Natsuki you seemed to really like being in her arms.. I wouldn't be shocked if you had a thing for her.” Yuri said that with no hesitation..

this could end badly. Natsuki only got redder and said,”Wha-Yuri!! Y-You know it's not l-like that! Right Sayori??” Sayori seems like she had something to say..

I was a bit nervous because she could say anything at that point in time. She finally says,”Guys let's just stop lying.” I was confused and speechless by what she said.

What lies?! Natsuki says immediately,”Sayori! We don't know what you're talking about so just stop!” They were all flustered. Sayori says,”No this is not good for us! Look Sana..


Monika is pale like she's about to faint, Yuri looks like she's paralyzed, and Natsuki has her mouth gaping open. They were all in complete and utter shock.. I was too.

I didn't know what to think. Sayori says,”Sana I like you.. a lot.. so much I think I…. love you.” Sayori then does something that would change everything.

She grabs me by the blazer and kisses me. Her soft lips touch mine making my heart race. That was my first kiss.. I'm not even lying or joking.

I was never serious with anyone so it never happened. Until now… Everyone stopped breathing.. Yuri's hands were shaking like crazy, Natsuki looked like someone ran her dog over or something.

Monika was sitting down with her hand on her head, definitely a migraine. Sayori even shocked herself..

but after a second we kissed her face went to straight horror as she realized what she had done. I start hyperventilating because all of this happening to me all at once was too much.

She started crying and ran out of the clubroom.. I wanted to chase her but.. I was wozzy like I couldn't stay awake.. I think I was about to……..

“OH MY GOD SHE FUCKING PASSED OUT!” Said Natsuki with a scream. Yuri saw Sana on the ground passed out and rushed to her. Monika and Natsuki follow what she's trying to do.

“Sana! Please wake up!” Said Yuri trying to get Sana to wake up. Sana looked lifeless.. she wasn't dead as Natsuki checked her pulse to confirm she was still alive.

Monika asks Yuri and Natsuki,”Look I don't want to do this but I have to.. Sana doesn't have enough oxygen.” Monika gets on top of Sana and starts giving mouth to mouth.

“Hey I know you have to do this but geez give us more of a warning next time!” Monika looked to Natsuki and said,”Shut up.” Monika kept going.. Sana was opening her eyes……

I wake up.. I passed out from hyperventilating. Monika was on top of me.. our lips part.. she was giving me her oxygen. I'm so stupid but right now I need to save Sayori.

I know if I had did something like that I know what I would want to do.. I had to wake the fuck up and get to her in time. “Oh my fucking god you're okay..” says Monika with relief.

I say,”I have to go to Sayori! I have to save her!” Yuri clearly wanted to help but she thought about how this would change everything.. she failed and she couldn't live with that.

Sana, Monika, and Natsuki are already going.. Sana didn't want my love.. and I can't bare that…

“Yuri what the fuck?!”

I look back Yuri has a knife in her hand.. she's going to stab herself at that angle. I have to save her too. “Yuri no!!” I jump on top of Yuri as she was about to stab herself..

I saved someone else.

“Sana!!! Your side!!” Says Monika with tears in her eyes.

I look down to see what she was talking about. Yuri was fine.. but I wasn't... there was a knife in the side of me...

she must've accidentally stabbed me when she was trying to do that to herself. Yuri says,”I-I'M SO S-SORRY!” I look to her and say,”Yuri I'm fine we have to save Sayori.

Some of my blood is worth saving your life."

Monika speaks up and says,”Sana! You're bleeding all over! You need to go to the hospital before you bleed out!"

I look to her, take the knife out of my side and wink then I run out the door with blood oozing out of my side and try to make it to Sayori's house.

I'm trying to hold my side as I'm running because the blood was rushing out faster and faster. People on the sidewalks gave me strange expressions as I ran by I was holding a bloody knife so..

that would make anyone scared or confused. Natsuki says,”Come on! We have to save Sana!” The 3 girls left and tried to get Sana.

I finally make it to Sayori's house, I left a blood trail… whatever that is not the issue right now. I try to knock on Sayori's door.. but her door is open..

I ran up to her room and knocked on the door.. no answer. I was already dying so I used the knife Yuri had and used that to open Sayori's door enough I can kick it open..

I was nervous to see what I was going to find.. but it's now or death. I kick the door open… I see something that made me want to pass out all over again.

I was super dizzy so I was hoping that was why I was seeing what I was seeing. But no… it's.. Sayori's.. hanging body… I start to cry as this was both triggering and sad. I.. loved Sayori..

and now… wait! I quickly use the knife to cut Sayori down and I take the rope off of her neck. She's cold.. and she has blood on her hands.. I have to save her somehow.

I didn't have much breath at all but I'm willing to give up all of my breath to save Sayori. I start giving her everything I have. Monika, Natsuki, and Yuri show up.. Natsuki went and threw up..

Monika started crying as Yuri did too. “P-Please tell me you can't still save her..” says Yuri. I look up to her tears and blood all over and say,”I don't know.. but..” I couldn't speak..

I was over filled with emotions. I couldn't give her anymore of my breath, I couldn't breathe. I picked up Sayori and kissed her.

“I LOVE YOU SAYORI!! I LOVE YOU! I WOULD TAKE MY LIFE TO SPARE YOURS!” We're all crying rivers down our cheeks. My heart was ripped in half.. I loved her so much and I didn't tell her that..

this was all of my fault. “....hhh…”

We all look to each other, none of us made that sound.. I look down to Sayori.


My heartbeat stopped as I heard that.

“Sayori?!” I say with urgency.

“Sana.. I'm alive..”

“Yeah you are!! Sayori.. I love you too. I love you. I love you. I love you. And I know how you feel. I've tried this before too…”

Sayori looks to me with shock..

“You have?”

“Yes and Sayori you are not a burden. I care about you so much. And I love you.” I gave Sayori a kiss. I wish someone told me these things when I survived. So that's why I'm telling Sayori..

and it's all true.

“Sana.. I love you more than anything… Sana?!”


“You're bleeding all over!”

“Oh.. Sayori I don't feel so good..”

“Someone call 911!!” says Sayori with fear in her voice. She couldn't lose someone who just brought her back. Natsuki calls 911 and they arrive in a few minutes.

They had to take Sana to the hospital quick as she was losing too much blood as one of the EMPs said to us. We all look to each other.. I love Sana so much I hope she lives.

I have to return the favor..

To be continued..

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